Or a third option: am I even looking at my notes for the correct site? (No, as it turns out.)

TFW you’re trying to pay a bill and the site decides it needs to ask one of your security questions, and it’s not one you have a record of. Did I fail to update my notes, or is the site broken? Pretty even odds.

I’m in a group of 20 targeted by a spam text. In the last 15 minutes 4 of that 20 have replied asking for the texts to stop. I’m still in the stage where I’m curious how high that number will go.

The cherries aren’t ripe yet but the raccoons and crows are in the tree right now stripping all the fruit off.

I used to periodically see 20% iTunes credit discounts, but this 15% discount matches the best I've seen for a while now.


Several times retailers needed to know what *kind* of card I was going to use via contactless, which surprised me. Like, they needed to make some appropriate selection based on my answer. But maybe it’s really just a guard against me trying to pay with a card type they don’t support?

Just spent a week in Canada (Toronto mostly; plus some Niagara Falls). Every place accepted Apple Pay. Every ancient-looking, beat-up card reader in tiny independent vendors took Apple Pay. I stopped asking by the end of the week. (Retailers didn’t always understand when I asked about “Contactless”, but understood “Apple Pay”, or if I just held up my phone expectantly responded accordingly.)

So Tim’s Bits are just donut holes? Don’t get me wrong — I like donut holes. But I was expecting something more unique.

It was lovely checking email this morning and not having a single spam message. Until I realized I also didn’t have some legit messages I was expecting, and then discovered I had broken my spam filters on that one account last night.

I’m in the smoke detector aisle at the hardware store, and every 30 seconds there’s a faint beep from somewhere amongst all these detectors.

I had not previously noticed that while in iOS Touch ID settings, touching the Home button highlights the corresponding finger entry.

SpaceX successfully recovered both side boosters and the center core from today's Falcon Heavy launch. Watching both side boosters landing side-by-side is all kinds of wonderful. I definitely need to get out there to watch one of those in person some day.

When transitioning to a new backup drive, I really need to remember to turn off Spotlight indexing first thing, instead of 2 days into copying the old backups to the new drive and wondering why it's taking so long.

hey ik a lot of people don't just intuitively know how to write image descriptions and alt texts so here's a resource! if anyone has any other resources re: image description and accessibility in tech feel free to add!


Successfully purchased overseas flight, but credit card stopped working when I tried to purchase the return flight. Unsure if my bank doesn't want me back, or thinks me wanting to return to the U.S. is suspicious activity.

It feels wrong to me that it apparently makes sense for HBO to literally include “Game of Thrones” in its app name.

Politics; Devin Nunes' lawsuit 

“It is important that you participate and make online comments that reflect what you think is best for our neighborhood, which is an alignment that is west of 15th Avenue W, and a tunnel under the Ship Canal.”

So glad you know what I think is best; saves me from having to research and think on my own.

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