“It is important that you participate and make online comments that reflect what you think is best for our neighborhood, which is an alignment that is west of 15th Avenue W, and a tunnel under the Ship Canal.”

So glad you know what I think is best; saves me from having to research and think on my own.

The season 2 finale of Future Man has the best, most acceptable explanation of time travel of any show or movie I can recall seeing.

A few days ago I saw something sitting around the house and thought it was likely to get lost there.

I was right.

I took a break between seasons of a show I was watching, and now I can’t remember which streaming service it was on.

A spam newsletter (related to a political donation I made) that asks me to pay for the "full" experience is extra-insulting.

Neighbor comes by to borrow a snow shovel, sees the messy boxes in my living room, and asks if I’m moving. (No, but maybe I should finish putting away my outdoor gear.)

I don’t actually have any ice to help cool my hard-boiled eggs, but I do have a surplus of snow at the moment...

Power's back on; heat is returning. Time to boil water for hot chocolate, and for thermos in case the power doesn't stay up.

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Sorry: I was wrong about duplicating images in Apple Photos: I had the Imports section selected in the sidebar, and in that case it doesn't let you duplicate. (Presumably because the new image wouldn't be considered "imported".)

This has motivated me to download the Luminar 3 trial to check it out. I hadn't previously spent time with it b/c it didn't have any asset management until recently, but sadly asset management is still further from what I want than I had realized. The main roadblock for my immediate need is that it spends multiple seconds visually processing an image when I select it, and the interim views (which can have quite dramatic colors) make it impossible for me to reasonably compare two similar photos.

A new camera with a RAW format that Aperture doesn't support means I've been trying out Apple Photos for the initial pass (recover highlights & shadows).

I've been quite surprised at some of the limitations that seem very basic to me. Can't choose the RAW version of a RAW+Jpeg pair w/o going into Edit mode (which also means: 1 at a time). Can't duplicate a photo w/o opening the viewer (so again, can't duplicate more than 1 at a time). Can't assign a location via a map.

Good day for those riding the Seattle Wheel and watching the crowds on the viaduct.

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This survey on what I like about the magazine they've been sending does not adequately account for my position as someone who doesn't remember actually seeing the magazine, and who doesn't want it anyway.

To accomplish this with Apple’s Calendar requires two separate events (on distinct calendars) in order to get good alerts and actual time-of-day when using daily/weekly view. (Plus requires fiddly enabling & disabling of calendars.)

Any recommendations for an iPad calendar whose month view shows partial-day events like all-day events?

Been using post-it tape on printed calendars for planning purposes (see photo), but want something that’s always with me.

Got 20 minutes from the end of The American before I started recognizing scenes and realized I’d seen the movie before.

Medical specialist I saw over 3 years ago sent notification of a new secure message on their portal.

My portal account had expired; had to contact them — via phone — to reactivate it.

Portal rejected my password as too long; made me choose a shorter one.

Finally got the message, which was: "Viaduct coming down; traffic delays expected. Please leave extra travel time to get to our office."

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