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check out my new crypto coin it runs on proof-of-shut-the-fuck-up

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Do you see what's happening? Israel bombs the streets leading to al-Shifa hospital, Gaza's main trauma center. Which has already been operating at unbearable levels of distress during the fucking pandemic. Chronic lack of supplies, including meds and anesthetics. And now this. twitter.com/AJENews/status/139

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Also I didn't want to make any simple so I used orgeat and grenadine.

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I love making cocktails at home but I never have anything to garnish with cause I don't make enough drinks to be able to go through them before they'd go bad, so I have to improvise. Here's a . . . uh . . . Look, I blended a Jungle Bird just out of curiosity.

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Anyone surprised that the US would support the bombing of a news organization should remember the time the US bombed the Al Jazeera building in Iraq killing Tareq Ayyoub a (Palestinian) Al Jazeera reporter.


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Revising my post cause I spent some more time w/ Light Crusader today & I think it's one of the most ambitious & well executed Genesis games, & one of my favorites. This seems more like a template for Demon's Souls then even Castlevania is.


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Leave it to Mike Mika to create an elegant, minimalist game that genuinely seems like a long-lost, late-70s/early-80s arcade classic, and somehow make it look easy. This looks like it would be on an old vector monitor at Dorky's next to Gyruss and Lunar Lander. 😍

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Uh oh! It's a game now! The core grows when it's not hit by a particle or a player shot. Player shots push particles and destroy walls. Now I need to add particle to player collision and fix some bugs.

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This is the kind of action that we should call for. Materially challenging the ability of the occupation to continue its violent attacks against Palestinians. Demand your govs to stop arming Israel. Demand your trade unions to endorse BDS. Call on dock workers to strike. twitter.com/tommiesunshine/sta

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Italian dock workers refuse to load an arms shipment headed for israel

this is incredible. more of this please twitter.com/contropiano/status

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Game industry peeps,

If by speaking up about Palestine makes:

- Your community hates you, then why would you want to keep those kind of communities anyway?

- Closed a door to a business deal, why would you want to work with those kind of people anyway?

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The government: "GREAT NEWS! You don't need a mask ᵒʳ ᵘⁿᵉᵐᵖˡᵒʸᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵇᵉⁿᵉᶠᶦᵗˢ anymore"

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I wish we didn't have to constantly show you our dead and dying for you to acknowledge us. I wish you could see our humanity and our right to existence by merit of that. I wish when you thought about Palestine you thought about our beautiful culture, not our pain, we deserve that

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“The Middle East is so complicated,” they said as they scrolled past the 50th post from Palestinians explaining what was happening, refusing to internalize new information because it would force them to confront the reality that people they trust had lied or misinformed them.

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Finding it increasingly difficult to see news about what’s happening in Palestine, then see things like this.

Families are dying.
Friends are dying.
Children are dying.

This is senseless violence, and it needs to stop.


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Palestinian civilians across Gaza, West Bank, and Jerusalem are experiencing great suffering, and you can help. Please consider donating to these charitable organizations to help people desperately in need. trib.al/vD4m8kr

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“But Uriah, the US”
Yes. The United States regularly commits War Crimes and when people pressure us we just go “eh tough shit we’re not going to trial” or we straight up veto it. It should be blatantly clear why Biden is supporting Israel.

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