A tested and time-honored method for getting things done. 🙏

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i've got an old giant bomb video i've watched a ton on a second monitor on mute to absorb my peripheral vision, and i've got an old giant bomb podcast ep i've listened to before on as actual audio. and it's working... well.

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@TanaGaneva@twitter.com *watching someone weed their garden* this feels like avoiding real criticism, to me

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So I guess I could use the 16:9 mode on my Trinitron to play it natively that way as well? Wild.

Like most third party PS1 racing games, though, it got a completely different title, cover, and licensing treatment in the states as "Jarrett & Labonte Stock Car Racing".

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TOCA World Touring Cars (2000, Codemasters) has a proper anamorphic widescreen setting. The HUD gets stretched, but the game itself renders in native 16:9, it's not letterboxed. I'm using a @polymegaHQ@twitter.com here to un-squeeze it to 1920x1080.

Finally mounted a floating shelf to put the Center channel speaker up in, uh, the center, above the TV. First time I've ever used drywall anchors that actually work.

In its place I added a matching power amp to feed the main L+R speakers.

Damn it, Rob.


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Thinking in terms of connections to creators also helps us imagine a better web where harmful platforms don't rule: one where you can always easily follow links, ultimately back to the original creator, see what else they've made, see who they're friends & collaborators with etc

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So it's no surprise that Musk's imagined ideal world order is one where platforms rule, they have complete control over the context of any discourse, and everyone except him is just a serf toiling away to feed the platforms. This is a parasite's mindset; he's a fool and a fraud.

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my friends and all our dads listening to the laser tag employee give the instructions:

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Worth stating explicitly what Musk insists "the aesthetics of the internet" are here: a constant flow of media ripped from its original contexts and creators, a world where all human cultural production exists primarily for consumption and monetization by platforms. twitter.com/Richmond_Lee/statu

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I finally got one of these in the Reverb flash sale and haven't had time to dig into it until this weekend. I'm so, so excited. ✨

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POWER DRIFT「Like The Wind」(B COURSE)をKORG opsixで弾いてみました。長尺曲のためフルver.はyoutu.be/-034S_kiQmcからどうぞ。キャッチ

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