I need more youtube videos about old GPUs to fall asleep to. I've already rewatched all the LGR & DF Retro stuff a hundred times.

Everything else is like "Hey gamers™️, I found this ATi Radeon 9200 in a toilet at the Old Spaghetti Factory, let's see if it can run Metro: Exodus."

or the literal USPS logo all over the town festival lol

fromsoft rules

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It’s cheaper to eradicate homelessness than allow it to continue. It’s cheaper to tackle climate change than allow climate collapse. It’s cheaper to provide universal healthcare than allow corporations to price gouge us.

Cost was never the barrier. The profit motive itself is.

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government pinning societal dysfunction on mass-scale individual personal failure is antithetical to the concept of society itself

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(chorus of chris remos):
video gaaaaAAAAAAaaaames

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true dev anecdote from Weird West: i was on a call trying to demo something unrelated, and ran past a chicken, scaring it, it ran through a campfire, caught fire, flapped into a cornfield, set the entire cornfield alight. the corn fire generated enough popcorn to crash the editor

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I highly recommend King Field IV's soundtrack if you aren't sure if you want to listen to something relaxing or ominously threatening :D

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this is a very cool and good video game

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My birthday is over, but you can still grab Der Geisterturm at 50% off on Steam. Climb your way to the top and try to survive through tense turn-based battles.


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I will never forget who was in charge when the eviction moratorium was allowed to lapse.

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It’s fucking evil that the eviction moratorium ends and people are supposed to come up with 18 months of rent with jobs that pay $13 an hour, man, fuck this country

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@robrousseau@twitter.com Homelessness is a policy choice they’re choosing to keep because they know the threat of it creates a precarious workforce willing to accept shittier jobs with low pay and no benefits just to maintain the bare minimum.

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It costs more to maintain a system of perpetual homelessness than it does to just put people who need them into homes

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Listen frustration over folks not being vaccinated yet & how more shutdowns are possible is understandable. But we need to demand mandated PAID time off for folks to get vaccinated & recover bc not getting vaccinated vs not making rent is a legit issue for MANY.

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the reason the “gig economy” even exists is to prevent workers from earning health benefits, and to prevent organizing labor through unions, as gig workers are heavily fragmented

it’s an insidious form of labor that really took hold right after the 2007-2009 recession

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It is unconscionable that Congress adjourned for a 6-week paid vacation WITHOUT extending the federal eviction moratorium. This puts millions of renters at risk of eviction tomorrow.

In response, @CoriBush@twitter.com slept outside the Capitol building. I'm doing my action in solidarity.

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