I've made one of those daily word game things! But it's not just Wordle in a hat, it's a totally different puzzle and I'm really pleased with how it came out.

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@andrewt I really enjoyed this. Here’s my grid for #CellTower 1:


@andrewt Excellent.


#CellTower 1:


@andrewt This is really good! The colourful blobs are appealing, it takes seconds to learn the rules, and it's a moderate challenge.

Not sure about the results grid, it doesn't make immediate sense. Wouldn't a simple count of moves be enough?

Also, it says "Puzzles completed: 0%", when I've completed 1 of 1.

@y6nH @andrewt agreed, it's excellent! thank you Andrew for making this:)

but .. huey .. moderate!?

@teapot @andrewt I mean, I thought it was about the same difficulty as Wordle, though without the move limit.

@y6nH @andrewt Yeah, maybe I was just unlucky and got stuck on this one, it happens lol

@y6nH @andrewt

also now i've completed it i think that though the results grid is not immediately intuitive i do like that it is a detailed fingerprint of my efforts over the last hour

@teapot @y6nH Yeah, it took a while for me to work out a way to encode a game in emoji without just giving away the answer but I'm glad I stuck with the problem because I'm really enjoying seeing them now

@y6nH oh, not sure, I'll have a look but my guess is it's not counting today? It's logging the win though so it must just be the number display that's wrong

@y6nH This should be fixed now, or at least, when the cache fairies bring you the new code. It was just the display so your old wins will still count

Looks nice, but it is too difficult for me, not knowing many of the words.

@peter Yeah, I've tried to limit it to reasonably common words but anyone playing in a second language is still going to be at a disadvantage.

Was introduced to this with today's puzzle (puzzle 4) and it took me ages, then went to puzzle 1 and flew through it ;P

Maybe I'd have done it the other way around if I knew how varying the difficulty could be...
Any chance of showing a difficulty stat for each puzzle?

Something like a combination of the number of possible incorrect words & length of the correct words, tweaked into maybe a 5 star or out-of-10 rating to avoid providing enough detail that you could use it to help solve?

@ddm Interesting. I wonder how accurate such a model could be without waiting to see how hard all the puzzles are. Today's does seem to be pushing people a lot harder than the last few but I genuinely don't know if I can realistically predict that before letting people play it.

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