@bright_helpings honestly I think 90% of developers who closing they need dark mode as an accessibility feature just don't know how to correctly set their monitor brightness. If you're coding at night in a dark room then yeah, a white screen will glare, but changing decades of UI convention isn't the solution here, going the fuck to bed is the solution

@bright_helpings Another thing that annoys me about this is how many apps lack a "match system" option for dark mode and instead have "switch at sunset/sunrise". I'm sure that can be handy in California but in Britain it's at best chaotic neutral and in some places it means no light mode at all in the depths of winter and no dark mode in the height of summer when you really need it because sleeping is hard enough already without your phone insisting it's high noon all night.

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i'll say one thing 

If the dead didn't want to be spoken ill of they should've fucking behaved better when they had the chance.

I feel like anyone in this corner of Mastodon is probably the sort of person who'd enjoy Friz' chill streams of song parodies and word puzzles. The one-year anniversary show is in a few hours.


This week I built the Mercator Rotator.

Mercator maps famously make Africa small and Greenland big, but by changing which way around we apply the projection we can make any place we like any size we like. Spin the globe, and see what you can create.


💯 💯 💯 "300" (2006) 

@Alexis Was "300 Other Shitheads" the title of the sequel?

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selfie (cw: eye contact) 

@vantablack looking amazing!

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@christianp when the combined figure is "almost £800 million" and the figure on the Oxbridge line is also almost £800 million...

@seventy @joshua Apparently the original miscalculated colour is pretty much what David Icke used to wear and claim it made him feel connected to the cosmos. He was crowing about it pretty hard until they announced that actually no it was beige.

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racism, fascism 

From afronerdism.tumblr.com : A meaningful critique on referring to american white supremacists as nazis.

re: work gripes (a play) 

@kirch what no you need to also add them to three other files in two other repos and also the database, did you not read the lotus notes file in the shared ftp server set up by the original developer who left in 2012

re: work gripes (a play) 

@kirch This sort of thing really annoys me – every common-knowledge workaround you have to remember is one more place that a real bug can hide unnoticed for months because nobody *expects* it to work.

@silmathoron @humanetech haha, oh it does kinda look like that, at least it's not something rude

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