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"...so that's why KOF2000's mixture of familiar gameplay and unique mechanics give it a unique place in the series that's well worth checking out for anyone who wants to explore more KOF games. Next I'll talk about the nuances of the Striker system and how to best utilize it..."

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Alguém aí tem interesse em estagiar na area de gestão de projetos e fala ingles e espanhol?

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Hoje fui comprar pão na padaria e na hora de pagar eu tirei as luvas de boxe da mochila pra pegar a carteira

a caixa perguntou se poderia pegar eu disse que sim ai ela colocou a luva e deu um soco no colega dela.
Os dois têm por volta de 50 anos

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Claire, I'm trying to sneak around the RPD but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting Mr. X

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Yuji Naka: "It's sad that the former Sega HQ building is going away. I remember making all kinds of games in my 22 years there. It may be on the edge of Tokyo, but it was truly an honor to be able to reach the world from there. It's too bad. I loved Sega Enterprises." twitter.com/nakayuji/status/10

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