OK! I’m still trying to sort this stuff out buuuuuuuut I found my old wandering.shop credentials OMG! So I will be there now: wandering.shop/web/accounts/11

Ahhhh, 8pm, the time when I’m all “OK do I do these last three things on my list for today or video games time?”

Mastodon: where so few people are paying attention that you can be as honestly emo as you feel! For now.

Heyyyyyyy tomorrow Season 2 of ReMade launches which means it’s time for me to camp the GoodReads reviews so I know how to value my self-worth for the next few weeks!

This is one of those days I wish I could just hibernate, on the promise that everything will be better and easier in the springtime

Whose GIFs these are I think I know
Their site’s like GeoCities tho
They will not see me tooting here
With goofy clips from last night’s show

Psst if you’re reading this, go you! I admire your commitment to trying new things and finding new ways to live better, and with less complicity!

Keep it up, pal! We need your spirit. :)

OK this is pretty fun! But I should go write some actual words and like, I don’t know, shower or whatever.


I love how 95% of the conversations on any new social media platform are always meta conversations about the qualities of that social media platform

Hi, I’m Andrea Phillips! I make alternate reality games, write a lot of serial fiction, obsess about politics and the future, and play around with art.

Let’s be friends?

Also to explain some concepts (as I see them):

Your HOME TIMELINE - is your toots + your friends toots + whatever they Boost (which is RTs)

Your LOCAL TIMELINE - is all the toots that are on your instance (server!)

Your FEDERATED TIMELINE - is all the toots that are on your federation (clump of instances)


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