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List of my Mastodon bots (so far):





If any of the above open an official Mastodon account I'll delete the specific bot, but until then... :thinkerguns:

What I was up to over the holidays: replacing Windows 7 on most of my laptops with Linux Mint and skinning it to look like the venerable Windows XP Luna theme, complete with sound effects, my guide:

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My Neighbour Totoro: Studio Ghibli classic gets China release after 30 years

Don't install or upgrade to 5.45:

Downgrade to v5.32.6129 for pre- acquisition:

And v4.17.4808 (not compatible with Windows 10) if you don't like the System Monitoring feature:

Install, then disable auto-update checks. You can also check out for a free, open-source :

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Thread on Twitter on the sketchy "get rich quick" conference feat. Pitbull and Sylvester Stallone in , worth a read:

Aftermath of the windstorm yesterday coinciding with garbage collection day

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Wind Warning:
Police have received numerous radio calls regarding fire and hazards of falling materials and trees within the city.
Please take extra precaution if and when outdoors but if possible to stay inside and somewhere safe.

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Really pleased to see that "Who are your favourite people to follow on Mastodon?" thread on HN. It's a shift in tone from talking about the legitimicy of Mastodon as a platform

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Okay, somebody actually made a bot lmao @gargronbot. Okay, let's listen to this song again, shall we

In news, I just found out that the instance (a pretty large one) is shutting down on April 30th.

A must-have browser extension which lets you group sites into "containers". Site cookies are separated by container to prevent sites from tracking you across the web: (e.g. I've created a Banking container)

I've been here a little while but never wrote a formal introduction, so here goes!

Like my bio suggests, I like , I'm a web developer based in , and I've set up my own instance for fellow Torontonians here:

I've also created a number of bots to mirror content from Twitter to the Fediverse (full list is on my timeline), some are @bbcworld, @cp24, @ttcnotices (the last two will make Mastodon feel like home for fellow Toronto citizens)

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observation: once posts (with hashtags) are set to anything other than public, the posts are not returned in searches even if the hashtag is specifically searched (due to this I will remove the hashtags from my bots since they're useless)

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