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fUCK you, f*ck your cartoon hotdog husband , fuck his stupid sunglasses and FUCK the ketchup kids

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Hey I'm Egill (pronounced "ayitl", for the love of God don't pronounce the g)
I'm 21yo, and use he/they pronouns
I'm new here and will probably be posting a lot about and more
Ready to make mutuals/friends, feel free to message me 😇

How to correct someone when using your native language wrong w/o being patronising

them: transgenderism is a conspiracy set in place by the Illuminati to weaken western society

me: that is absurd

also me:

imagine posting from a computer


Shout out to all the LGBTQ+ folks who are the only LGBTQ+ people in their family

Wait. I don’t have to be conscious!! *goes back to bed*

@andvaka you think you've got problems? I've been waiting weeks for an angry mob of villagers to come and put my castle to the torch!

anyone gonna come stab me to death or do I have to do everything around here myself

do you ever just look at yourself and wonder when you got so gay??

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