Hello I am a D&D dungeon master and one time I led my players to a quaint Bed & Breakfast that was actually a giant hotel mimic.

@andyAstruc that sounds like an unexpected turn of events? How long did it take your players to figure it out and did they survive?

@tuturto They figured it out after a party member was swallowed in the night, and the beds started making themselves when nobody was looking.

Also they tracked the lost player under the floor and when they tried to smash the floor... the floor smashed back.

(Everyone survived but it was pretty dicey for a moment)

@andyAstruc heh, must have been quite a surprise when the floor smashes back. Neat story, thanks for sharing that.

@swordjaw Look it's not my fault they thought it was a good idea to stay at an inn with no people, suspiciously clean rooms and slightly blurry art on the walls.

@andyAstruc bdnsnssg

I applaud the set-up, though. That's really clever.

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