I post a comment or question on...

birbsite: eerie silence, then a marketing bot follows me.

fediverse: fourfteen badillion replies that are all well thought out and interesting and oh god now I have to reply and I'm in seven conversations halp oops I made new friends

@andyAstruc this feel, this is why I haven't touched Twitter in quite a while and I'm not really interested in going back. Mastodon is so much more lively and involved.

@andyAstruc I was thinking about that earlier today. I get responses to comments, answers to questions, a boatload of boosts and favs, and my site gets views.

On Birbsite, even after 10 years, I'm still just shouting into the void. most of the time.

@Nezchan Heck, on other sites I can barely get my existing family and friends to pay attention to me or my work. This is all just so... warm.

@Nezchan @andyAstruc kinda scary too though. it felt like I was taking to myself before, now I know people listen

@andyAstruc I'll be honest, I think the group timeline is a big part of that. People see you, even if they're not following you, plus there's a culture of helping each other out and just generally chatting with strangers.

@Nezchan @andyAstruc
Just hoping everything stays tight knit as the site grows.

@andyAstruc I have some ok conversations on there but if I talk too much some people will frown at me and say it's the "wrong venue for a discussion". But won't suggest a "right" one. Except email, but that feels scary and claustrophobic, like a boss pulling you into a closed door office.

@natecull Oh god, that boss metaphor is perfect. It is exactly like you've been warned about reckless talks and now the foot is going down.

On other social media I'm always the last word because I will just keep talking as others float off.

@natecull @andyAstruc Whoever is saying that to you needs to shut their piehole!

@dragonluvr89 @andyAstruc It's just some people really dislike 'thread mode essays' and I guess I don't blame them. They're on the site for short bursts of links and not discussion.

@dragonluvr89 @andyAstruc on birdsite, I mean! All the Mastodon instances seem to be much more of a big rolling party (though idk really, I'm on and I only see the others from the federated timeline; and the GNU Social instances maybe have different cultures)

I follow birdsite journalists who do thread essays and I like it but I know many other users don't. Just different expectations.

@natecull @andyAstruc yeah isn't that weird? It's kind of the same interface and yet the experience is so different! What gives??

@dragonluvr89 @andyAstruc I take from it that the community and norms around a given technology *are* part of the user experience, in a way that more nuts-and-bolts focused programmers perhaps don't quite realise.

"Your users are your user interface. Choose them well."

@natecull @andyAstruc That's deep. Wow. That's really deep. So you can be a programmer and not know that the whole point of what you're creating is about people and not the technical details. Deep.

@andyAstruc Birbsite is like drinking from firehoses filled with fecal matter. Hardly any time to catch a breath from the deluge of poop.

Fediverse has many different, smaller capacity waterhoses that won't take your head off when you try to drink from them. Also, it's water. Rather refreshing. :)

@andyAstruc Agreed. The community here is incredibly engaging. I get an order of magnitude more response here than on birdsite, despite having 1/3 the followers and there being 1/3000th the active users.

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