This wasn't supposed to be quite so long but it is about fun failures and breaking word counts is my favourite rebel activity. A piece on games that make losing enjoyable:

EXCLUSIVE shots from today's necromancy test. Combat this time, hence the chalk outlines. Wound system works pretty well as long as the GM keeps it descriptive.

What if this whole time people were actually advocating for "Free Peach"

Testing out this BAD BOY tomorrow for . When in doubt, add magnets to your game. Life hack.

A recent I did of Kawakami from Persona 5. Hey girl are you the troublesome top floor of an old house? Because you're problematic. ❤️

Pretty sure this is the first video game I ever owned. It... looks a lot more epic in my imagination. Bedlam (1988).

*looks nervously left and right, leans in close* lacy underthings.

Had a dream that Mitsuru from Persona 3 was critiquing my writing and she kept calling it "adequate" and I couldn't decide whether to be heartbroken or aroused.

Sometimes my mind wanders and I just start thinking about how beautiful Darkest Dungeon is.

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