Recently I've had occasion to disable Single Window Mode, which is fun

First came Patreon ... then I added GitHub Sponsors. Neither has _really_ done that much for me.

Instead I set up my own donation page on my own site:

If you benefit from or enjoy my work, please consider a small monthly contribution.

I'm missing Rust. My next Smolpxl game might be in Rust compile to WASM, even though that is way less simple than pure JS.

One simple scenario would be a distributed game with a sector based map. A vat (event loop) would represent a location and every entity with a point of presence in the sector would have an actor in that vat. The vat routes messages among the actors it hosts. These actors would include players, NPCs, game services... anything that can act to modify the location

This is very different from games where a single event loop runs the entire world and you end up with shards (different copies of the games running on different machines) when you can't fit all the entries from a world in one machine without getting too laggy. Here, a game world could hypothetically scale out to hundreds of millions of players and locations. There would be limits to the number of entities per location, but you'd always be able to add or find a location to be able to play with friends

Always! I'll be sharing that with my daughter, who's involved in frontend work and who loves 8 bit style. She just got her first taste of JavaScript last month

I'm focus more on embedded social and multiplayer with distributed backends at the moment, but I try to keep up with everything

Blender is a free open source software suite for creating 3D and 2D CGI animation, stills and effects. You can follow their official Mastodon account at:

➡️ @Blender

They also have an official PeerTube account at:

➡️ @blender

The official website is at

#Blender #Art #CGI #3D #2D #Graphics #Apps #Software #FX #Animation #FilmMaking #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Video #Videos

Giving weechat a proper try this time. Slack's new pop-ups were the last straw. Hopefully I can do Matrix and Slack in weechat and have a calmer environment.

s08e04 Best Scenes – The Good Robot Andys

Andy and Andy share some of their favourite scenes from some of their favourite movies.

That podcast by our friends that we think you'll like is The Disc Dump Podcast. Give it a try!

That games site Andy B is working on is

Those software recommendations were:

Jitsi video conferencing


Same's good stuff, and we've torture tested it with shockingly long calls.

For Christmas I am getting a Pinephone from @PINE64 . Excited...


@conservancy Software Freedom Conservancy, one of the most important organizations in , is hiring a full-time employee. Remote, not limited to the United States. Really interesting, flexible job description.

Amazing team, critical mission. In an alternate universe where I was putting my consulting on hiatus and looking for a full-time job, I would be applying for this RIGHT NOW. Check it out & boost!

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