Does anyone have projects they think should be more popular? I have git-what, which I think is rather useful...

@ChrisWere that is cool. I actually meant personal projects (since git-what is written by me) but I realise now I didn't make that clear :-)

@andybalaam In that case @uoou has been working on a cool little project called Blop which it quite neat.

@andybalaam «intended to answer the common question "what was I doing?"» Truth!

@andybalaam For Windows users with Git Bash somewhere, what I did: copy git-what into the same directory where git.exe and git-gui.exe are. In my case:

cp git-what /c/Portable\ Programs/PortableGit/cmd

Seems indeed very useful, I'll give it a try!

I have for example #docker-tools:
Especially denter and dclean proved to be very comfortable :-)

And then there is #texpile to compile latex documents remotely. Helps if you don't want to install texlive on small or smart devices etc:

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