It's getting pretty hectic near the end of the level in my R-Type tribute, Rightwaves.

Actual lasers in Rightwaves. Maybe a couple of weeks until it's ready to release? Code here:

Rightwaves is getting fairly chaotic. Not too much more before I have a complete level, and I'll publish the game.

A bit more work on the latest Smolpxl game - a couple of new alien types.

Almost overwhelmed with excitement at seeing wearing a Rabbit Escape t-shirt at the lighting talks.

My new favourite Youtube comment. So exciting to think I helped someone get excited about coding.

Want to make levels? That would be awesome. In the code they look like this:

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This will probably be my next game for Smolpxl. I'm calling it Eat Apples Quick. Obviously you won't really be able to go through walls.

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