One of my prints just sold on Society 6, which usually dons't do anything for me, but I see others use it. What do people think of this vs RedBubble.

In any case, it was this Dublin Ha'Penny bridge print that sold.

@andybroomfield Wow. The curve in that bridge is hypnotic. It's like it grabbed me and is trying to pull me into photo. Those aren't ordinary leading lines. No wonder it sold.

My only experience with RedBubble is with a T-shirt I bought once. After the first wash, the decoration had almost completely faded. I complained, but they ignored me. I haven't gone back. All I can say is bad customer service. Don't know how that will affect you and your customers.

@Photorat Hi, Thanks for the info and compliment.

I've had a few steady sales on Red Bubble, was wondering what it was like from customers perspective and if anyone uses them.

Ideally looking for somewhere where I can get prints made on demand for sale.

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