Big changes at Flickr.
Their limiting free account to 1000 photos and going to start deleting photos.

This means if I stop paying for pro a lot of photos are going to get binned.

@andybroomfield not actually been using Flickr the last year, was going to let it go, now need to think what to do.

@andybroomfield I've gone in to "request my data" which I think will also let me download my pictures. It's a shame, but I've only got about 1,500 pictures on there and I don't want to spend £5 a month on it, given I've used it a very small amount the last five years

@paulsilver I’ve got the photos backed up on hard disks so that didn’t worry me, but they are the public facing archives of a lot of projects I was involved in from early 2010s that will vanish that concerns me.

@paulsilver thing is, without Yahoo trying to run it for advertising, they’ve got to pay the bills somehow.

I’m thinking of putting them into s3 and making a quick set of webpages for them is maybe cheaper.

@andybroomfield Oh yeah, I completely understand why they're doing it and they need to so they can survive. You've a ton more photos on there than me, so I can see why you'd go Pro, but not if you're not using it much any more. Over time your own hosted thing would be cheaper, but it's how much hassle it will be to maintain, vs Flickr having a nice interface

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