BN2 4/10.
Looks like it’s settling so should be fun to go out on the downs tomorrow.

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Playing with Snapseed with edits on old Tokyo Photographs of mine. These where from a college trip on 2007. I so want to go back. I love Japan though Tokyo is very different from the rest of the country.

A book thrown out before Xmas?
Fun fact : I actually learned COBOL in school. If I had kept it up I’d be taking it in as so much old world programmes in big firms still written in it.

Looking up popular Bible quote, web page has cookie GDPR pop up explaing they don't do tracking, which is odd given thats what I thought the said God does.

(Not religious, just looking something up).

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Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol on a street in Hove where their doing a street cinema I just stumbled on to.

Before heading to another London Xmas event popped into old friend who runs the Book and Record Bar in West Norwood. They have an open decks night on tonight, where you play your own records. If I wasn’t going to another Xmas thing I would so go to that.

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