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Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol on a street in Hove where their doing a street cinema I just stumbled on to.

Before heading to another London Xmas event popped into old friend who runs the Book and Record Bar in West Norwood. They have an open decks night on tonight, where you play your own records. If I wasn’t going to another Xmas thing I would so go to that.

in 2008 artist Ego Leonard left a giant Lego minifig on Brighton Beach.
Came across it on old QI which was talking about it being lost on a ship (though Wikipedia says it's unknown how it got there).

[Image by Dufois on Wikipedia CC-SA]

At Sharing City Brighton. These are from the Tech Take back (tech recycling) table.

One of the fishing museum boats is in the skip... wonder what happened.

The endless tube carriages look like something from a seventies sci-fi film.

Sample Life in the UK test going around. Gave it a try and turns out as even though I'm British I don't score enough to pass.

Was able to watch the fireworks from the race course from the balcony. These are some long exposure experiments (2 - 4 seconds).

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