Been doing some edits to some of my Photographs in Dieppe from November 2016.

Its an interesting french town. Was passing through on way back from Paris as that is where the ferry to Newhaven goes from.

Will have to have a proper list there and Rouen some time.

Prints on my Society6 store whilst I look for a way of producing directly.

I’ve got my (signed) copy of the new She Makes War album.

Going to give this a proper listen later. Loved her since I saw her in Herne Hill so long ago.

It’s actually made the top 50 albums, so if you like indie gloom pop you can give it a listen here.

Came across crowds in the Pavilion gardens. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex came to a visit to The Peoples Republic of Brighton and Hove.

Today is , which I didn't know about...

I miss teletext. Planet Sound (p480 Ch4, though moved around a bit) and Digitiser (p490) and trying to look up cinema listings on Ceefax, all whilst someone else was trying to watch telly (so used the transparent background mode).

The Brighton Snail Trail has popped up.

It seems to be latest craze in cities that a chosen fibreglass animal model is given to many artists and then laid in a trail around the city.

In 2016 it was the Snowdogs in Brighton, now it’s Snails.

I know one of the people who was helping install them, some have an Arduino and GSM modem and NFC for contactless donations, then they play a tune.

The donations go to Martlets Hospice.

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Interesting set of titles to choose from when registering online for the library.

Spotted an old Amstrad PC in Diplocks yard. Wonder if it still boots?

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