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Andy Broomfield

Drupal sites i look after patched, and looks like I’ll be helping patch a few more...

@Hamishcampbell Thanks for info, was at the election hackday at Newspeak back in 2017, been meaning to check it out more.

@Hamishcampbell What was the event? Is there anywhere to follow it?

Will have more time for London things over the next month, if I see them trailed in advance.

Smugmug has acquired Flickr.

Does this mean I can start using Flickr again, will it become good?
(Though my reasons for stopping where more complicated).

The mini heatwave was nice, now the weather looks like the end of days

It’s too hot today.

I miss the snow.

You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

#event #london
Brixton Restart Party

Thursday 19th April 2018

"Whatever needs fixing, be it a toaster or a mobile phone or a DVD player, bring it with you; members of the Restart Project team and the Remakery will be on hand to help you diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it! In the process you'll learn more about how your appliance was put together."

At the freelancers meet.

Also I’m looking for work from May.

@nolan listening to this now just as I saw this... Quite interesting hearing @Gargron explaining it all.

Hard to believe I still need to look up the letter codes to use with PHP date.

Wishes Mastodon had something like tweet marker when switching between app and website.