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Andy Broomfield

boost to pet
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@tomharris it’s possible to buy any train ticket from any train operators website though without fees.

Good morning Mastodon!

I want to draw attention to the fact that Mailpile wants to hire folks to help make our software available to Windows and Mac OS users.

Our mission is user privacy, Free Software and online independence for all. And we'd like Mailpile to be a diverse, inclusive, human-friendly and family-friendly place to work.

If you also care about those things, please help spread the word - and if you have the skills we need, check out and consider applying!

She Makes War has reached 80% of new album target.

I knew her briefly when living in South London, been a while since I caught her gigs.

Don’t think I’ll make the Mastodon meetup. Just arrived back in Brighton and train is going to take a while to get up to London.

Have fun all and hope to make next one.

Current planned train to the mastodon meetup cancelled. Let see if I can find another way up to London.

Mastodon Meetup at London Hackspace

We have 20 people sighed up and 18 interested so should be a good evening.

Bring drink and nibbles to share

Come early to help setup if you

like I will be there from 6.00pm

Might do live streaming for people who cant make it.

Tell us about your instance and #openweb projects

London Hackspace
447 Hackney Road
E2 9DY

Been down with the Brighton flu. Think I’m getting through recovery.

Currently watching old "Whose line is it anyway?" when they went to Hollywood.

I don't think any of the improvisers (or Clive Anderson) has aged by the looks of it.

Mastodon Meetup at London Hackspace

We have 10 sign ups on Eventbright and 18 interested on failbook @david_ross @cubicgarden @floppy @peter who "'@" are we missing for making the meetup lively?

Actions/ideas for more outreach?




S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Is a James Bond Villian.


You just get to deal with the individual exploits going on forever, or until you replace your CPU with an as of yet non-existent CPU.