Currently the GRA consultation is loading very slowly. Assume lots of people are submitting on the last day.

Reminder that its the last day to fill out the Government Gender Recognition act consultation, and I should actually do it.

Listenting to 6Music and Craig Charles just 'Pops into' the studio.

Halloween films from the Public Domain 🎞️ 🍿 🎃 Show more

Tomorrow is our weekly freelancers get together in Brighton, in the Caxton Arms pub. If you're freelance or want to be, please come along. You'll meet 20+ lovely freelancers and the chat is great, whether business or just relaxed.

We'll be there 8pm-11, come along any time you can.


reminder to UK folks to fill in the GRA consultation form if you haven't already. stonewall do good guidance:

They also seem to be playing an early 2000 dance pop remix cd.

It still feels weird to me that Redroaster coffee house, once the nice grotty one in Kemp Town, has gone all posh now.

Huge Ghost Ship Appears Out of Nowhere in Southeast Asia

A large, rusty ship with no crew or cargo on board made a startling appearance this week, drifting off the coast of Myanmar. The vessel bears the name Sam

Been doing some edits to some of my Photographs in Dieppe from November 2016.

Its an interesting french town. Was passing through on way back from Paris as that is where the ferry to Newhaven goes from.

Will have to have a proper list there and Rouen some time.

Prints on my Society6 store whilst I look for a way of producing directly.

Currently at Friends Meeting house for “Brexit will spell the end for British art as we know it.”

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