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Currently watching 4 in car live streams from Le Mans 24 Hour Race.

Though it does seem to be be getting dark at different places.

Maybe I may get to watch it in person one day...

One of my prints just sold on Society 6, which usually dons't do anything for me, but I see others use it. What do people think of this vs RedBubble.

In any case, it was this Dublin Ha'Penny bridge print that sold.

Just occurred to me that the special city editions of Monopoly involve buying up landmarks, then demolish them for housing.

May have to start searching for new place to live... Just when I thought things in life where stable.

Today was a day of checking a Drupal site against GDPR compliance and getting webform to auto delete. website not loading for me (app ok). Says server dropped the connection.

I haven’t seen our entry but it’ll probably be terrible, making it an even more awesome statement. :D
RT #Europe, it's time to troll Britain.

Vote for #UK in #Eurovision tonight. Then next year, after Brexit day, the UK will be forced to host a massive celebration of European unity and diversity.

It'll be funnier than hell watching them bicker about it all year.

Currently on New Work Search.
If anyone needs a and .

based. Can do remote.

Msg me for examples.

VLC actually stands for Very Large Cone.

Comic Sans isn't actually a bad font. People just use it in inappropriate contexts, then blame the font for it sucking in those contexts.

If you need a box of vintage doll hands, this is the auction for you

Bids at $90, so some people must really want it.

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