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Andy Broomfield

Big rave or something going on at racecourse means free dance entertainment for those nearby... whether you want it or not.

Spotted in .

Image says "Jesus Stole My Girlfriend"

At the Word Up thing. Feels like I'm in enemy territory.

Retroware License: distribution of this software or any modification thereof is forbidden on any medium other than CDs, floppy disks, cassettes, punchcards, printed source code listings, or cartridges for any game console made before 2005

of course the most satisfying way to code is by screaming, constantly screaming, never stop screaming, when people ask you what's wrong point to the computer with the requirements document open while still screaming until they get the point and do it for you

At the Skiff in . First time in their new building. Here for Async GraphQL talk.

Pavilion testing new iPhone camera earlier today.

Finally catching up on the Crystal Maze remake.

Unproductivity due to hot weather