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Full-stack developer, been working with the web since the 90s. #HTML, #CSS, #Javascript, #Python, #PHP, enough #Ruby and #Node to get myself into trouble. #LAMP is fine but other stacks are fine too; I'm a quick learner.

Any position is okay; I've been out of the office for a while and I''d be happy doing just about anything as long as the income is stable.

Formal resume:

Please boost and share freely!

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As an April prank, tech and web giants pretend to respect your privacy

At the farm for the Easter weekend.
Such a muddy quagmire we could have hosted Glastonbury.

Also, to all the trans people and nonbinary people not taking part in , or not feeling safe enough to be visible, or struggling:


And I wish you so many great things and I send you a lot of good vibes because you're fucking valid!

Poll following recent discussions about DM privacy on Mastodon: Should the Mastodon webapp compose screen warn that DMs are stored on the server (accessible by admins)?

#MASTODON POST PRIVACY - who can see your post?

Anyone can see and boost your post everywhere.

βœ… Tagged people
βœ… Followers
βœ… On your profile
❌ Local and federated timelines
βœ… Boostable
βœ… Visible to admins

βœ… Tagged people
βœ… Followers
❌ On your profile
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable
βœ… Visible to admins

βœ… Tagged people
❌ Followers
❌ On your profile
❌ Local and federated timelines
❌ Boostable
βœ… Visible to admins

#FAQ #needhelp

Only 1 site that I maintain to update, others are agency sites but on hand if they need help.

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech
- by Anil Dash
1. Tech is not neutral.
2. Tech is not inevitable.
3. Most people in tech sincerely want to do good.
4. Tech history is poorly documented and poorly understood.
5. Most tech education doesn’t include ethical training.
6. Tech is often built with surprising ignorance about its users.
7. There is never just one single genius creator of technology.
8. Most tech isn’t from startups or by startups.
9. Most big tech companies make money in just one of three ways.
10. The economic model of big companies skews all of tech.
11. Tech is as much about fashion as function.
12. No institution has the power to rein in tech’s abuses.

More BN2 4/10

Doesn't look like it will settle.

Odd grading system we have for snow, anything above a few flakes is a blizzard.

Information wants to be free.

But potable water, nutritious food, clean air, habitable shelter, elements-protective clothing, life saving and improving medicine, and time, precious, precious time want to be just as free.

Farewell Steven Hawking. Such a huge contribution to science.

Next he will be playing poker with Newton, Einstein and Data on the holodeck.

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