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You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

#event #london
Brixton Restart Party

Thursday 19th April 2018

"Whatever needs fixing, be it a toaster or a mobile phone or a DVD player, bring it with you; members of the Restart Project team and the Remakery will be on hand to help you diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it! In the process you'll learn more about how your appliance was put together."

At the freelancers meet.

Also I’m looking for work from May.

Hard to believe I still need to look up the letter codes to use with PHP date.

Wishes Mastodon had something like tweet marker when switching between app and website.

hey, seeing folks, I'm mostly not boosting toots with pictures in them that have no description.. and sadly I see a lot where there isn't one.

it's easy, just hover your cursor over the picture or tap it and you will see a line with a text:
"describe for the visually impaired". click/tap on this line and enter a short description (or long if you prefer, because it doesn't count towards the text of the toot).

tadaaaa you're done!


In Bus news, the driver from Lewes to Brighton has just popped into the Pelham Arms...

I hope they are buying us all around cos they've left a load of us stuck on a bus.

So hi! Could folks who are making jokes about Mark Zuckerberg please be aware that comparing him to a robot can be hurtful because

a) if he is autistic you are repeating the same tired old jokes about autistic people having no emotions just because you can't read our facial expressions, and

b) if he is not autistic then you are still doing that, and reminding autistic people of jokes people make about how we're evil/heartless - and at the same time you're comparing us to Mark Zuckerberg. Rude.

Nursing Leg Injury. Had to chase dog at the farm last week. Don't remember the fall but knee was cut open. Thought it would have recovered by now.

A development on that thing about third-party apps not being able to have notifications and streaming tweets stuff thingmabob?
RT Last year we announced our plan to retire Site Streams & User Streams, and replace them with the Account Activity API (currently in beta). We are delaying the scheduled June 19th deprecation date.

Birdsite goes on further api lockdown

No streaming API / third party push notifications?

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