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I'm seeing scans for the recent #Drupal vulns in various logs now.

BTW there was another vulnerability related to the first that was announced last week:

If you didn't update, consider your site(s) compromised now. 😬


The old Astoria cinema / theatre is being demolished.

There going to replace this part of the towns history with flats and cafes.

can we get a feature where the timeline won't move if you are currently or have recently moved your mouse over it

im real tired of going to click thing a and then thing b slides in under it

Drupal sites i look after patched, and looks like I’ll be helping patch a few more...

Smugmug has acquired Flickr.

Does this mean I can start using Flickr again, will it become good?
(Though my reasons for stopping where more complicated).

The mini heatwave was nice, now the weather looks like the end of days

You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

#event #london
Brixton Restart Party

Thursday 19th April 2018

"Whatever needs fixing, be it a toaster or a mobile phone or a DVD player, bring it with you; members of the Restart Project team and the Remakery will be on hand to help you diagnose the problem and hopefully fix it! In the process you'll learn more about how your appliance was put together."

At the freelancers meet.

Also I’m looking for work from May.

Hard to believe I still need to look up the letter codes to use with PHP date.

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