Hi, everyone! I'm and and advocate (like many here, I guess). I spend most of my time and doing with (I don't usually speak with hashtags, but I think it helps here now). I'm also starting to learn html/css to make my own website. hoping to also learn#Python this year! :)

@andycuccaro please feel free to speak with #hashtags! It makes it a lot easier for people to find useful information about topics they're interested in, and people with common interest to follow. At least when you're discussing serious stuff, and not just #shiptoasting ;)

@strypey Thanks for the encouragement! :) I'm not prone to sh*tposting, so no worries from me there. :D

Hi Andy,

I am Noorul.

Welcome to fediverse.

That's great you are going make a new Website.

I am also using #Blender3D for #VSE , simple animation, 3D typography


@noorul Cool! Have you tried the Power Sequencer addon? I have heard great things about it, but haven't used it yet.
I've been using a bit of Animation Nodes, but there's so much stuff to learn that I barely scratched the surface of it.

Oh, haven't used it, Andy.

You could say I use Blender intermediately so we are even.
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