Thunderstorms in Sheffield last night were rather spectacular. Who wants sleep anyway...

Hi @aral

A question that may show my ignorance. Would internet search work in the same way via the small tech that I love the sound of. Would there be a small tech equivalent needed or would a privacy respecting version of Google do the job (I want to say DuckDuckGo but never sure!)

38 runs... 5 wickets... That's straight forward... Right?

Started reading World Wide Waste by Gerry McGovern... I may hypocritically post quite a lot of it...

"Earth Overshoot Day 2020 lands on August 22.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused humanity’s Ecological Footprint to contract. However, true sustainability that allows all to thrive on Earth can only be achieved by design, not disaster."

Can anyone tell me how to redirect a url to an anchor on a different page where the url path matches the anchor id?

Example... would redirect to

Me: Could we use a bit of the video and put a border round it?

Design: Mmm - his face isn't good enough qualilty.

Why does it take until 4pm to get in to the swing of things and until 5:25 to get that "oh yeah - of course that's how to fix it?" feeling?

Is there a equivalent of GitHub pages? If so - can anyone point me to the documentation? Thanks!

Copbee... can't remember where I saw this but it's fun so I copied it a few days back!

An old boot as today's drawing was just a bunch of lines and gone wrong faces.

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