"Good design is like a refrigerator - when it works, no-one notices; when it doesn't, it stinks" - @ireneau@twitter.com

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We're excited to be exhibiting at the Above All Human 2018 conference tomorrow, alongside a community of innovators and start-up founders across Australia. If you're attending, be sure to say hello! Thanks to @StartupVic and @AffixGroup aboveallhuman.co

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post: transcript of my Agile Australia keynote on agile in 2018
3 challenges:
- stop Agile Industrial Complex imposing process
- raise importance of tech excellence
- prefer products over projects
and one reason to be optimistic

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Tying together the threads between and for the inaugural post for the Marketplacer (the label that pays me) product team blog.

Today we're doing a blitz on flaky tests so, of course, we need sustenance.

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Australia promotes female superstars of but only if you have a degree. I don't. There are other success like me that also don't. scienceandtechnologyaustralia.

So apparently I joined Mastodon in December 2016 but haven't posted anything yet. Time to rectify that then.


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