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The newly-agreed #German government coalition called for a Europe-wide ban on public #facialRecognition and other dangerous biometric #surveillance, as part of negotiations over the forthcoming #AI Act.

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> The [Apple Computer] garage is a bit of a myth. We did no designs there, no breadboarding, no prototyping, no planning of products. We did no manufacturing there.
> The work was being done—soldering things together, putting the chips together, designing them, drawing them on drafting tables—at my cubicle at Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino. That was an incredible time. It let me do a lot of side projects - Steve Wozniak

The Apple I computer was "slacking off at work" in action. Just imagine doing this today, good luck on not getting your copyright claimed by the company. #retrocomputing #apple

Your reveals a lot of personal information that makes you a better identifiable target. Location sharing features make it is possible to predict geographic behavior which helps advertisers pitch more accurate .

[example] Every Thursday you exercise at the for 1.5 hrs. -> You probably get promoted stuff from sports equipment to public transport only because the time and location of the activity are known and sold.

: what do people like about social media? (of any kind)

I'm genuinely curious about that. :)

Apologies for these rhetorical questions it's just hard to capture attention in another way. Since attention is the resource all of us are somewhat competing for.

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In the context of :

“The damage to self-interest and self-worth inflicted by Facebook today will haunt a generation.”

~Richard Blumenthal

“Children [...] are hooked on their product. There is cynical knowledge on behalf of these Big Tech companies that this is true.”

~Roger Wicker

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Here are a few things related to making technology more humane, cooperative, and free.

Humane Tech: (@humanetech)

Cooperative Technology: cooperativetechnology.codeberg (by a few from Mastodon)

Small Tech: (by @aral)

Ethical Design:

Feel free to share others you know.

I know many people aren't aware of some of these, and it helps us to see what others are doing so we can learn and work together on solutions.

#SmallTech #CooperativeTechnology #EthicalDesign #HumaneTech

Do you think regular engagement on brings you nearer to whatever goal you have?

Do you feel like having a large number of friends is important?

“Humane technology increases our capacity for problem solving. It isn’t technology that solves all these challenges, it is technology that strengthens and protects our own human ability to solve them.”
~ Center for Humane Technology (Course)

I assume not being able to face our issues fast enough is the bill we pay for changing faster than any of us are truly able to adapt.

I would be happy to see that we at least unitedly try for change and not go down in ignorance and fear.

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Do we really destroy our for profit? In the long term, money will get humanity nowhere, and we are already past the point where can be stopped by monetary investment. We can only slow the process.

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"The volume of data in the world is increasing exponentially [...]", (UN- global issues).

Today, most of the collected is used to increase economic . Most often through some kind of engagement.
Though, data is an infinite (I say), so why don't we value resources that aren't?

Shouldn't finite resources be more valuable than those that aren't?

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I tried convincing people to care about their digital privacy and to switch to free software.

The following advice by @praveen has helped immensely:

If we restrict ourselves to people we know, then we(the privileged people) end up meeting only privileged people who do not care about issues in general . Try to meet people outside of your class. If they care about some issue, then relate digital privacy and free software with their issue.

#privacy #FreeSoftware

"The dark side of A.I. systems may be harmful to users, but those systems are a gold mine for platforms"

So: Economy/Profit > Human Wellbeing ?

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