This is the current status of the client and the server. I don't show notifications but they work too. The one thing to add is working comments but this will come later. I'm going with the admin UI now. At the end of the video you can see live timelines working

Translation is a thing working but I haven't completed it. Currently I'm supporting spanish and english but is easy to add more with i18n

@anfora It.would be much easier to contribute translations if you'd set up project on crowdin.

@older I've never use that service. Is it convenient for translators? Also how easy is to get the open source project tier?

@anfora I used it as a translator and it was very easy. Mastalab uses it, for example. Never set up a project there myself though.

Also thanks to @dansup for his repo with bulma's examples. I've learnt a lot from them

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