Sad news with the article 13.

The other sad thing is that this semester is even worst that what I initially thought. I have literraly no time to live so you can expect few to nothing of this project until the summer break.

If you are a soul willing to push this project you can ask me whatever you want and I'll try to help :blobpeek:

the push in February was thinking about this but I didn't get to my minimums of what I considered viable, sorry 😔

@anfora I wanna help. And I wanna learn Vue (web apps badass-wannabe here, already under way with Angular). You have specs or something for this ticket?

@zladuric Nope, this is the worst ticket ever. I want to implement oauth2 but I'm using tornado now. What I want to do is implement a provider in tornado and use it. Currently I provide token that expire on time

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