@aral @hypolite 100%

Then I guess this obviously makes Chrome the Trump of browsers.

Maybe Surf would be some libertarian with good sounding minimal gov policies that just don't work well for anyone in practice.

What's the Bernie browser? Brave could be, in theory, but in practice it does some shady stuff and might not accomplish any of the social goods it claims to be about... I guess that makes it more of a Hillary?

@self @aral @hypolite Shady stuff and failure to deliver is as Bernie as it gets.

@hypolite @aral @self I covered some of it here medium.com/@angdraug/money-for and here medium.com/@angdraug/cant-we-j

I was going to dig deeper into his PACs, but then he dropped out. For the reasons why I have a problem with them see this post on Justice Democrats that applies the same way to the rest of them: medium.com/@angdraug/no-countr

@angdraug @hypolite @aral @self I read your post and it feels to me like unjustified slander.

The Justice Democrats, including Sanders, are in large part controlled by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), a big-tent socialist organization with many factions, from left-leaning liberals to hardcore Trotskyists and anarchists. However, the dominant faction is clearly Bhaskar Sunkara's Bread & Roses (breadandrosesdsa.org/), which controls the popular Jacobin Magazine (jacobinmag.com/). Bread & Roses explicitly embraces Kautskyist Social Democracy and advocates entryism into the Democratic Party.

The Justice Democrats are not liberals, they are Social Democrats, and they run as Democrats for strategic reasons only, because the U.S. electoral system is biased against third parties. This isn't anything shady or secretive, just go to their websites and you can see their plans.

@jwinnie @hypolite @aral @self Which part of your confirmation that Sanders, JD, DSA, et al engage in hostile and parasitic entryism into the Democratic Party was supposed to demonstrate how my description of that is "like slander"?

Did you miss my explanation of the difference between Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists, or did you deliberately use the name I called out as inaccurate and misleading?


@jwinnie @hypolite @aral @self Your avatar implies that you have read the Anarchism FAQ. You might want to revisit section H and the appendixes on Marxism and Russian Revolution.

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