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@thegibson Thank you for sharing this.

Over the summer, I kept judging myself for feeling relieved, when I'd stumble across articles or comments like this. "It's happened." "Get out." I'd suspect I was just seeking validation for what I wanted to hear, for whatever reason. Being dramatic. Now I look back, and am glad I spent the summer planning an escape.

Maybe I'm lucky, in a way. The aftereffects of poverty, abuse and discrimination have left me with few ties to the States. I'm unmarried, have no house, no kids, no location-locked career. What felt like failure in 2019, now feels very different. That's messed up.

It's also messed up that I honestly feel lucky to be transgender in this rising mess. We're one of the canaries in the coal mine, and we know it. We know what that means. Denial burnt off early.


re: Collapse 

The last sentence of that post is important. There is further to fall. There is no bottom.

In fact, we're rolling towards yet another cliff, we'll approach its edge on November 3 and we won't know until January 21 whether we've stopped the descent and are able to start crawling back out of this mess.

If not, US will be in a free fall for at least a generation, and will likely drag the rest of world democracies down with it.

Vote if you are eligible.

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