@FuchsiaShock I've been kinda distressed because it felt like all the effort I put into self quarantining for months is being canceled out by an entire nation of people who keep running things as usual, ignore distancing and spreading the infection in ever increasing numbers.

@polychrome @FuchsiaShock They didn't cancel it out. They tried, but thanks to you and people like you they couldn't. If everyone in US acted they way they did, there would not have been an inflection in the US COVID-19 daily cases curve in Match and again in August, and we'd have been well past 1 million dead by now.

@polychrome @FuchsiaShock My bad, sorry. What you described, an entire nation trying to keep things as usual, sounds very similar to US. Is it even worse where you are?

@angdraug @FuchsiaShock the US has it far worse by number of infected, and over here it's more about casual disregard to safety rather than the whole political "my freedom!" thing the US is doing, but the result is sadly the same. It's inconvenient so people just don't bother with precautions and we end up paying the price.


@polychrome @FuchsiaShock Yeah. It's so irritating how many people who complain about "nanny state" are the ones who need a nanny. We have so much work to do before a truly egalitarian society becomes viable...

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