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Right after 2018, Facebook policy boss and Brooks Brothers rioter Joel Kaplan knew Senate race will be the most important part of 2020 and Georgia will be key to keeping GOP majority. That is why 7 out of 7 Facebook PAC donations to GA in 2019-2020 went to Republican incumbents.

And now, Facebook is going out of its way to make sure Georgia Republicans can continue to lie about their challengers, and can amplify those lies with Facebook ads. Kaplan has put his elbow on the scale.

uspol fecebook 

Links. Twitter thread:

FBPAC disbursements analysis:

Thread on political bias and breaking Facebook up:

How Facebook lies by selectively publishing misleading metrics:

Why Senate runoffs in Georgia are the most important thing in US politics right now:

uspol fecebook 

Facebook has now allowed the same false attack ad run for the fifth time. What do you call a community “standard” that is applied unequally to friends and enemies of Mark Zuckerberg? A damn lie.

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Sixth time:

Note how Facebook, who have all the data to find and delete all copies of the violating ad with a click of a button, only deleted the ads Judd Legum pointed at, and left the other copies running.

When their own data scientists are asking "why aren't we doing more?" they get told "move along, there is no action for us here".

Facebook is sabotaging US democracy in plain sight.

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