Sharing an email I got this morning to compare notes with other people who signed and now are getting harassed over it.

The email is in Russian, short summary is "Stallman did nothing wrong, why did you sign the letter?"

At best, this is sealioning (see

I stand by my signature, and I don't owe anyone any explanations. If you are not willing to do your own research, nothing I say is going to make you change your mind.

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@angdraug It is interesting how many of the signers of the counterletter seem to be Russian men. I don't know what to make of this, it's just a curious observation.

@be Sadly, Russian open source community is not at all a safe space. Here's a google translate of a poll a popular Linux site in Russia ( is advertising on their front page.

@angdraug They may have targeted you because they figured you'd be able to understand an email in Russian.

@be I am sure other signatories with less Russian-sounding names are getting their share of similar emails in English. Hopefully me sharing this will help people sort through their own inbox and filter out things not worth responding to or even reading.

@angdraug Fortunately all I've gotten is trolling on the Purism forum. The thread got locked after someone threatened to dox me. But I know others have been getting much worse.

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