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The dude barged into my mentions trying to shut down my praise of systemd as an attempt to force it on the whole world. All I did was try to explain myself. In response, he blocked me and posted a rant misrepresenting my words and attacking my character behind my back.

(Oh look, of course he hates PulseAudio, too.)

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online drama 

Some online personality tells tend to cluster together. In US politics, it's racist transphobe anti-vaxxer Evangelical Republicans. In free software, it's sexist Stallman defenders who also hate systemd and believe themselves entitled to other people's free labor.

My interaction with @Asimech has convinced me that I should just block systemd haters on sight instead of trying to engage.

Sharing an email I got this morning to compare notes with other people who signed and now are getting harassed over it.

The email is in Russian, short summary is "Stallman did nothing wrong, why did you sign the letter?"

At best, this is sealioning (see

I stand by my signature, and I don't owe anyone any explanations. If you are not willing to do your own research, nothing I say is going to make you change your mind.

You'd think a local newspaper in a county of just over 270,000 people wouldn't be overwhelmed with subscriber mail, but they never got back to me. Instead, I received my answer in the next batch of email blasts, where the Sentinel moved on from scaring people with a "crisis at the border" to advertising the ongoing GOP attempt to recall Gavin Newsom, once again with no real article to back it up.

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I spotted the pattern last week when I went to their site to check a headline that looked suspicious to me. After finding to my surprise that the article doesn't exist, I first thought that this was work of some rogue editor and sent an email asking for an explanation to Sentinel's Managing Editor Melissa Murphy and Circulation/Marketing Manager Mardi Browning.

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#FediBlock - openly advertises racism and transmisia on the frontpage.

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#FediBlock - public timeline is filled with racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, glorification of violence, and so on.

Count on a mansplainer to also be a gaslighter. This dude just blocked me, so I'm going to leave screenshots of the subthread I can no longer see for future reference.

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Right after 2018, Facebook policy boss and Brooks Brothers rioter Joel Kaplan knew Senate race will be the most important part of 2020 and Georgia will be key to keeping GOP majority. That is why 7 out of 7 Facebook PAC donations to GA in 2019-2020 went to Republican incumbents.

And now, Facebook is going out of its way to make sure Georgia Republicans can continue to lie about their challengers, and can amplify those lies with Facebook ads. Kaplan has put his elbow on the scale.

uspol police covid 

A tale of two curfews.

San Jose police chief in March: “no-no, we won't be holding the bag on this” — when it comes to stopping irresponsible idiots from killing people.

Two month later: “oh yes, we'll arrest people even when county DA tells us not to” — when it comes to stopping protests against the police killing people.

It's like killing people is the one thing they care about. Police in "liberal" Bay Area is as bad as anywhere else in the US.

Graffiti in an abandoned building near Minsk.

There's been a escalation of violence and torture by masked terrorists controlled by an illegally inaugurated dictator. Almost every family in Belarus is affected by COVID. Almost every private business is disrupted by arrests, beatings, and vandalism by masked thugs working for the regime. Government owned businesses are disrupted by strikes, work-to-rule, firings, sick leaves, and safety incidents.

Remember . We need solidarity.

Facebook PAC disbursements in the 2020 election cycle, October update:

Counting only contested elections (incumbents with support below 70%), the totals are:

D $28,000
R $69,000
D $39,500
R $95,000

The same 3:1 ratio was observed in my previous update from May:

Today Lukashenka prematurely ended his last term, which could have lasted until November 5, by holding a surprise secret “inauguration” ceremony with a small group of his most loyal co-conspirators after losing the election in a landslide to Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya and falsely claiming unbelievable 80% of the vote.

Starting from today, any cooperation with the Lukashenka regime makes one accessory to the criminal conspiracy that illegally took over the government.


Entire Northern California and Oregon are on fire. In previous years, the fire season wouldn't even start until mid-September. This year, there's already 9x more acres and 6x more buildings burned than in the entire fire season of 2019.

There's been no daylight in Bay Area today. The sky is red, it's dark, the temperature dropped 20°C compared to what it was on Monday before the smoke came. It's effectively a preview of nuclear winter.

Climate change is real.

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