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Aight, so, due to some recent interactions, I have decided to use Bun/Buns/Bunself pronouns, as well as Vam/Vamp/Vamps. If anyone has any question feel free to ask. 🙂

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So, hello, I am new here on mastodon. My name is Angela Night, and I am a , agender girl who will be soon with a bachelor's in . However, on my downtime play a variety of like , Blasphemous, and . In any case, glad to be here and explore this site. :D

P.S. As said I am very new so bear with me on all the little mistakes I might make.

looking for remote work, replies/boosts encouraged 

• looking for remote work, full-time or part-time

• im based out of minnesota

• i have 11 years of IT service desk/workstation management experience, with resume and references available

• im a quick learner, very organized, and a good writer and communicator

• IT work is fine; although open-minded about any work you might be hiring for

• im trans and disabled, and so an inclusive workplace is deeply appreciated

#jobs #hiring #getfedihired

Please consider commissioning/buying art from me! :da_la:
The heatwave has made our electric bill fucking awful. We need about $200.

Any commissions aren't under the categories on my Ko-fi can be DMed to me to be discussed!

Request lewds, art (or otherwise wink), through my link tree links and/or my email!
Thanks! :da_la:



Aight, so, due to some recent interactions, I have decided to use Bun/Buns/Bunself pronouns, as well as Vam/Vamp/Vamps. If anyone has any question feel free to ask. 🙂

#Intro 1/4

hellooo! I'm Evel, an #autistic and disabled #Indigenous Person of Color, and everything I do is through that lens. Been on this planet-ride round the sun for near 40 years. also i'm #dyslexic so typos incoming!

i'm a graphic designer who used to think they were an artist. i do most things in #inkscape and insist on calling gnu image manipulation program GNU Imp! all my arty work is done on linux.

sometimes i post #publicDomain things here ->

P.S. Primary school Carwil was obsessed with Copernicus, and wants today's primary schoolers to know about the Kerala school of mathematics and medieval Arab and Muslim astronomers.

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More than 600 years before Galileo was excommunicated and imprisoned by Catholic Inquisition for saying "The Earth Turns" (1633), Muslim scientist Al-Biruni (b. 973) had perfectly detected movements of sun, earth and moon.

British Library Or. 8349, f. 31v



Someone on fedi said that ads pollute webpages and I think marketing emails are the same for inboxes. They make checking your email a massive chore when it should be a pleasant experience.

I have absolutely zero respect for most people in marketing and advertising. Their entire job is taking up more and more of our already limited attention. These people and companies compete to steal our attention away from things that actually need it, from open source projects, from work, from your personal business, and from friends. Our collective attention is worth so much to these assholes that there's literally an entire economy built around it. Most of us don't mind giving it away left and right because we don't even realise how valuable it is.

Imagine how pleasant things could be if we got rid of "cold email campaigns" and daily newsletters and "here's what you missed!" and "check out our weekly deals!" and massive billboards on the side of the road and big banner ads on the news and three 20 second interruptions to our videos and sponsored products surrounding pictures of our friends' newborn and on and on and on

Little by little, these things actively make our lives more and more unpleasant, but because they've crept up on us and because they're small things here and there, we don't even notice them any longer.

Getting angry at someone with a eating disorder for not eating is not how you treat someone

begpost, boosts ok 

Sorry to bother you guys again, but I'm in a really bad situation right now and need money to cover some unexpected expenses 😔

I don't want to share any details as they're too personal and depressing to share, but any help would give me some leeway until I find somewhere cheaper to live.

*hugz* thanks in advance.

Important post about ableism due to handwriting, mention of surgery and harassment without details, boost are welcome 

Stop mocking folks' handwriting.

As an example, I've had a reconstructive surgery on my wrist at 3yo and struggles to write.

Everyone has always blamed me, saying I didn't try enough and made jokes about it.

Never do that. You don't know what the others go through and the disabilities they may have to deal with.

Just stop being ableist.

I hate that idea that you need to do productive things, and specially I hate the guilt that it can generate. Nowadays I'm focused in practice some things and I do my best daily, but not because their utility but cause I want to. Forget the lust for results pal, do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do.

I know that I live and that I desire to live.
-- Bruno Filippi

#anarchism #quote #bot

⭐ < iq is a measure of how good you are at iq tests ⭐

i think the fact that even neurotypicals find job hunting really hard and treacherous says all you really need to know about what this system thinks of even it's more suited workers

Trans Healthcare (boosts okay) 

So I don't know who needs to hear this but apparently Charing Cross GIC has given trans people on their waiting list 72 hours to fill out some form before they are entirely removed from it. Details provided by transsafety. Note the article was written yesterday.

15 Aug 1970 Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton delivered a speech in NYC criticisng homophobia and sexism in revolutionary movements and arguing for "full participation of the gay liberation movement and the women's liberation movement".

33 job applications out today. The two jobs I felt really good about last week both came back with rejection letters. I have one more withdrawal from my savings before I'm running on the final fumes of cash. I hope I can make it to the end of my lease. Something has to work out. #getfedihired


A single map for the worst #drought in 500 years in Europe. The river discharge anomaly based on reanalysis data from June to August 12 2022, shows an average negative anomaly of -29%, even reaching less than -62% at some points. #rstats #dataviz


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