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A guide to interacting with cops when you are a #trans person

Tips For Interacting With Police Brochure,
a free downloadable PDF from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

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Making mustard 

I fucking love making mustard, because it is the easiest shit in the world but people are always like, "you MADE this? You MADE mustard?" and also it is a pretty good gift.

1/4 cup brown or black mustard seeds
1/4 cup yellow mustard seeds*
1/2 cup malt or sherry vinegar, or any kind with at least 5% acidity**
1/2 cup red wine, water, or strong beer
Pinch of salt
Whole peppercorns, if you have em

Put everything in a jar (salsa jars are great for this), shake it, and then let it soak for a day or two or three. After it soaks, if you have a stick blender, just stick it on in there and blend, otherwise throw it in a blender and zhuzh until it's the texture you like. You're never going to get like a Dijon mustard because you don't have an industrial blender, but you can get it pretty smooth, especially if you soaked the seeds for two or three days. It'll be really sharp at first and then mellow a bit. I like to stir in a spoonful of molasses, or a little balsamic vinegar, but you can go wild with the stir-ins. Herbs, tomato paste, pickles, soy sauce, whatever. It's about ten minutes of effort, total, and it is SO FUCKING GOOD Y'ALL.

*I buy mine from the Spice House, it's way cheaper to buy in bulk from them than to try to find brown mustard seeds at a grocery store.
**Go ahead and use cheap vinegar here, I use store-brand malt vinegar and it works great. This is not a good use of your fancy stuff.

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The semester for Fall 2019 is almost over and I am pretty proud of myself!

It feels so weird that less than a week from now, I am going to be 20...😮 😮

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Ro vs. Banning Racists 

Here's the thing, homie.

We're not talking about blanket policies to ban people we don't like. That is a really dishonest point to make when talk about dealing with places like Gap.

We're talking about protecting ourselves from one of the most evil places on the web that have verifiably been radicalizing white kids to carry out violent attacks on Brown and Black bodies.

The lack of nuance and basic respect around this in the fedi is very, very telling.

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One thing I really love about being on the fedi is that it's showing in realtime that the main problem with fighting and minimizing the harm violent and hateful bigots commit in online spaces is often enabled by people who choose to do nothing.

Dr. MLK Jr. famously said the biggest impediment to progress is the white moderate.

That thought is crystallized if one observes the sheer amount of nonchalant cowardice in FOSS that protects bigots under the guise of 'fairness'.

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Hi Fellow Trans Dykes table of contents:
- why gender is such a raw deal and yet being a girl is rad
- you're actually super hot, trust me on this
- list of trans crowd funds you should donate to if you have stable income
- girls,,,, pretty
- fashion tips from me, a girl who hates dresses
- a crossword that's just transfem inside jokes
- it's ok to not (some shitty stereotype about trans women)
- 20 page rant about cishet bullshit
- ok but seriously call me, or at least follow me on mastodon
- girls!!! pretty!!!!

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Sup, I’m here, I’m queer, and i like dark chocolates pls give me some.

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ok but which one of you is the cooking gay and which is the takes the spiders out of the house gay

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women who voice chat in online games are braver than the US Marines

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I am so sorry I am not as active as I would like to be as I am towards finishing Spring 2019 semester of college.

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"words don't mean anything anymore!" I shout, incomprehensible to my audience. all I get in response is a series of chirps and strangled noises

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fatphobia, twitter bullshit 

just say you hate fat ppl and move on.

Hey nerds, I am back. Sorry for the departure for a month - college had started back for me.

i am so ecstatic about this semester and life beyond as well!

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