Fundraising for People in Ukraine 

My friend's parents have made it out of east Ukraine but have nothing and no permanent place to stay. Any amount will help a family

This is important, so reboosting myself, because shit like this is proposed:

Russian people are not the aggressor. Students studying in the West are not a threat. Putin is.

And the biggest threat to him is an educated population able and willing to govern itself.

Almost 5000 Russians got arrested in Russia for anti-war and pro-Ukraine protests.

Russian people are not the aggressor. Punishing them (as opposed to Putin) is only going to make matters worse.

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Glory to the brave!
These 13 guys are my new role models. However, I want this senseless war to stop. Everybody will only lose if they continue fighting.

@pilou I am not a metalhead either, though I have many metal favourites (and many metal T-shirts/hoodies too).

Yeah! I've experienced "Beyond The Realms Of Death" is also popular, it touches many non-metal people. The same goes for Blood Red Skies. Also the concept album Nostradamus.

@pilou Oh thank you! Priest is so universal. Even people who are not really into metal tend to like 'em, what's your experience?

"Always, not sometimes I think it's me, but you know I know when it's a dream. I think I know I mean a 'yes' but it's all wrong - that is I think I disagree"
Let me take you down 'cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields... nothing is real... and nothing's to get hungabout...
Strawberry Fields Forever!
(Yes, in some very rare cases it's obvious I am AFAB. In less rare cases it's obvious that I've been a fan of The Beatles since the age of 5.)

"Can you explain the gap in your resume?"

Oh, would you like one? They take a bit of planning ahead, but gap years are a really great experience. I'd be happy to help you plan for one.

Feel free to call me insane.
One can never have enough fountain pens. I'd only 6 pieces, so we just had to get a few more! Here are the ones that has just arrived - pre-owned but very well kept. Cannot even decide which one is going to be my favourite!

“Mark Zuckerberg and team consider shutting down Facebook and Instagram in Europe if Meta can not process Europeans' data on US servers”

Yes, please!

Xmas eve and I just enjoy sitting and doing nothing. Try to avoid the obligatory stuff that makes everyone neurotic. Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

Just in case anyone's wondering why I call my little HP 6470b "the dessert box".
My BF has just gotten a box of chocolates (not vegan, sadly) as a workplace Xmas gift. It is actually bigger than the ProBook in question!

You know you are tired when you read "Posts and reptiles" instead of "Posts and replies".
Maybe it has something to do with my preference for the Leeds' Reptile House. (No, I am not a goth either.)

Teh cold winds are still blowing.
I am by no means a heavy drinker, but there are certain situations when some really good wine can save yer life by holding you warm.
If you are into dry, somewhat fruity and fresh white wine, crystal clear, colour of fluent electrum, I recommend Trapiche's Sauvignon Blanc.

One can be pretty sure: if I am the one who's saying it's not only common freezin', it's freezing freezing, then it's really not warm at all.
Now I am saying this. It is cold. Ordinary cold. Just like Blashyrkh and Immortal. And Darkthrone inspirations.

Tryin' to make some sense here, but it is not the right day for doing so, it seems.
Anybody having any sensible thoughts? Just to have some good examples to follow.

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