I never saw Mad Max: Fury Road, but someone should have told me there's a character with my name. I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Maybe I should go back to Twitter and just be annoyed with the world again.

Does anyone still use this? I just remembered that I have it as I'm waiting for my dental hygienist appointment.

My dentist's office is literally just my dentist's mansion with an office and reception on the first floor. My driver went by it four times before I recognized it.

I don't remember where I downloaded this art from, but it seems appropriate for my favorite season.

I have over 100 followers. I expect 10 likes for every post, and if you do not meet this quota, I will be wroth and bring ruination upon your houses.

My mom is such a girl. I texted her to let her know that the furnace still wasn't working here and that it was 58 degrees inside when I woke up.

She said, "Oh, well, just turn on the oven and warm the house with it."

I was like, "Um, I was trying to ask where you left the key to the shed so I could bring in firewood and light up the stove."

The oven, Ma, really? Also, call someone to fix the furnace already, woman! You know I'm staying here! It's October already, yeesh!

My father just called me on a school day and offered to buy me a Mercedes because I'm sure he thinks it will make me love him.

Wait until I tell my mother about this.

Instead of spending my spare time on social media, I wrote a 100 page novella in the past two weeks and a 30 page essay on my own thoughts about religion, myth, and cosmology. And lots of schoolwork on top of it.

So that's where I've been.

Not sure what to do with this site anymore. I seem to be really good at drifting away from things for a while and then having no idea where to pick up and not wanting to get lost in the crowd again. It's easy just to quit. Social media doesn't really make me less lonely anyway, it just makes me more neurotic.

I don't even play games really, but I love this t-shirt. It's like Zelda is running an ÆSTHETIC Instagram account or something.

Is it racist for a blonde girl with skin as pale as a sheet of paper to enjoy "thug life" videos on YouTube?

Asking for myself because I'm not a COWARD.

I spend an hour trying to look cute and no one says anything.

I stumble into a convenience store this even and buy a fruit pie and a soda wearing jeans and a hoodie, no makeup, no hair perfectly styled or anything, and the clerk says to me, "You have gorgeous hair and eyebrows and lashes, you stay beautiful, girl."

Trying is for chumps, I guess.

Oh my dear cramps, we meet again. One day I shall destroy you. *giggles wickedly*

I guess I'm the only one who thinks that learning Latin noun declensions is really fun.

I haven't been around because, when I'm not doing schoolwork, I've been writing things to keep my mind occupied. All my cleverness is going into that, so I can't give you all of those silly quips in the hopes that three of you will like it and make me feel validated. Sorry, you'll need to squeeze content out of someone else for a while.

I don't like drag queens. Mostly because they're claiming to be queens, and I can't allow that.

Fire is a whimsical, beautiful damsel, dancing gracefully and mischievously.

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