Douchebros are few and far between on this site, and those that are here are frustratingly reluctant to carry on a conversation. Which is both good and bad.

@angharadfercheuronwy A+ #misandry here

Also I just realized your princess images are from The Black Cauldron! Literally the first movie I ever saw in the theater. I knew she looked familiar, it's Eilonwy!

@SallyStrange Of course! As a princess with a Welsh name I'm in solidarity with Disney's only Welsh princess.

@angharadfercheuronwy seriously that film is embedded in my subconscious

Also I have family from Wales, way back in the day 😊

@SallyStrange My signature posting style that I've been doing since I was 13 has been to use cartoon screencaps for reactions and stuff. When I joined Mastodon I thought it was time to give Eilonwy her turn.

I literally have the entire film screencapped frame-by-frame, so every possible image of Eilonwy is saved to my computer.

I'm a silly person, I know.

@angharadfercheuronwy that's pretty awesome considering I have no idea how to screencap films 😍😍😍

I like silliness

@SallyStrange When I was on Twitter I was infamous for my screencaps. People always used to say, "Jesus, you really do have a reaction image for every possible thing, don't you?" lol

@SallyStrange But Eilonwy's been low pressure for me because she's only in one film and doesn't do a whole lot in it. So I won't have "a reaction image for everything" now that I'm using her. I've scaled down lol

@angharadfercheuronwy she was a great character (as I recall 30+ years later) & deserved more screen time. I also read the books later on. Good times.

@SallyStrange I never read the books, but I'm well familiar with all the myths they're based on. I grew up with Welsh literature and myth.

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