Not sure what to do with this site anymore. I seem to be really good at drifting away from things for a while and then having no idea where to pick up and not wanting to get lost in the crowd again. It's easy just to quit. Social media doesn't really make me less lonely anyway, it just makes me more neurotic.

@angharadfercheuronwy it's okay to quit, or take a break. I know I used to get super bad fomo when I couldn't work out how to get into particular spaces online, but it's okay to just pull back. You'll find spaces and people, online or irl.

@angharadfercheuronwy That's a healthy and self-aware perspective. It sounds trite but ultimately, it comes down to what is healthy for you. I certainly know from first hand experience how damaging social media can be, especially for someone who lives with BPD. You're an intelligent young woman. Whatever you choose to do, I'm confident that it'll be the right path for you to wander down. 👍

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