i'm excited to eat solid (but soft-ish) food again!! udon + fish cakes + tomato & egg stir fry

had a bunch of tiny lemons that were about to go bad so i chopped them & mixed them with honey to make a tea mix! i'm boiling water right now & gonna steep some mint leaves too

i also design the occasional shirt to sell on threadless. here's my latest design, it's real cute!

i also draw other comics about witches and space and SPACE WITCHES! my interests tend to be fantasy for children & young adults mastodon.social/media/ND0xaixe

you can read what we have so far on tumblr: mooncakescomic.tumblr.com, & here's a sample page. it's fun, we love it & can't wait to get back to working on it! mastodon.social/media/OPEEtH_p

also hello, i haven't properly introduced myself yet. i'm wendy. i am a comics artist. i've been in the industry for ~5 years. i have a book coming out in 2019 w @suzusaur abt the adventures of chinese-american teens, one a witch & one a werewolf mastodon.social/media/KsDPoCjZ

my friend added me to a group on fb for bird hobbyists & owners & i'm just like ah, my people at last mastodon.social/media/HEahXvmy

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