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4 paragraphs into this outline & i'm nowhere close to where i want to be & i don't even know if i'm gonna use any of it
writing is fun

i reread the entirety of Rayearth tonight & it was exactly what my soul needed

we stir-fried some cucumbers tonight & they're actually p good, just gotta sweat them a bit to get the water out first

i have spent the last few days away from the internet & it's been enormously healing

i made a bunch of red date tea & stock for this upcoming week today :V

i wanna make cornbread tomorrow using maangchi's technique of soaking the cornmeal in milk

this is sorrell he's my d&d character he's a shitty teen birb boy bard haunted by ghosts

whenever i'm not in the same room as the cat she starts screm -_-

when ppl remind me of how much i’ve actually done i’m always like oh yeah... anyway the point is, i should give myself more credit

Patience is a virtue.

I'm grateful I learned that early on in my creative life. Letting stories marinate, percolate, or even simmer on a low brain heat is the best way to really bring them to life. I don't like to force a narrative when I can let it flow naturally by just giving it a bit of time to formulate. There will always be a time and space for my thoughts to exist 💖

Also, I'm racing no one.

Hey ya toots, here's some drawings I did recently of the girls from Little Witch Academia, which I adored. I'm still pretty pleased with how these came out.

i have a sale going on in my shop! through dec 15 you can get 15% off smol bat & puff owl sweaters & 25% off mugs for both designs! check out the gift guide for other awesome presents by awesome people, check out this Autostraddle gift guide!

seriously thinking about making korean fried chicken this weekend

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