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4 paragraphs into this outline & i'm nowhere close to where i want to be & i don't even know if i'm gonna use any of it
writing is fun

i reread the entirety of Rayearth tonight & it was exactly what my soul needed

we stir-fried some cucumbers tonight & they're actually p good, just gotta sweat them a bit to get the water out first

i have spent the last few days away from the internet & it's been enormously healing

i made a bunch of red date tea & stock for this upcoming week today :V

i wanna make cornbread tomorrow using maangchi's technique of soaking the cornmeal in milk

whenever i'm not in the same room as the cat she starts screm -_-

when ppl remind me of how much i’ve actually done i’m always like oh yeah... anyway the point is, i should give myself more credit

Patience is a virtue.

I'm grateful I learned that early on in my creative life. Letting stories marinate, percolate, or even simmer on a low brain heat is the best way to really bring them to life. I don't like to force a narrative when I can let it flow naturally by just giving it a bit of time to formulate. There will always be a time and space for my thoughts to exist 💖

Also, I'm racing no one.

Hey ya toots, here's some drawings I did recently of the girls from Little Witch Academia, which I adored. I'm still pretty pleased with how these came out.

seriously thinking about making korean fried chicken this weekend

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