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I've thought a little more about it, and I think I can say this without really knowing the context for what's going on:

I'm generally amenable to people's needs and requirements for comfort. So--in the unlikely event anyone actually pays any attention to what I ramble about--I'm fairly happy to oblige in whatever anyone would like of me RE: content warnings. Please do, anyone who'd like, let me know if you want various things CW'd.

Fire Emblem 3 Houses. 

I think I'm experiencing a netsplit or something--a bunch of random things are down.

Either that or my DNS is fucked up again.

If you want to know if someone is the type to have fucked up opinions on people, ask 'em how they feel about fat people.

Fat people are the evergreen canary on fucked up people-opinions--people feel particularly safe sharing those particular opinions, and I just don't see that changing any time soon (despite efforts to the contrary).

trans PSA, apropos to nothing 

Someone mentioned they'd like to see ufo crash site incense burners again, so I added a couple to the shop!

More at

Bigotry isn't ok just because it's directed at a horrible person. Be careful about who you're hurting in the process


All you have to do to get someone mad is imply that they're morally or ethically in the wrong about something.

I'm not feeling super impressed with people today. Too many unintegrated values, too much selfishness.

Also, partly the depression--but, still, not real impressed.

Turns out--it's businesses doing the fraud! It's almost as if--and stop me if you've heard this one!--that PROFIT MOTIVE in medicine is BAD!

Really tickled by typos and spelling errors sometimes.

Was just reading a thread about Danganronpa fanfic, someone was talking about 'aiming at the hart' and, just, the mental image I got...

Like, okay: this photo (, right?

But set to the opening of this song:

Also, as you can expect, I became instantly less excited when it got to the financial speculation applications. Important as to how they're paying for this crap; but not anxious to empower intl. high-freq trading.

If this actually ends up doing anything for poorer people, it's still probably worth it, though.

Funny thing, if NASA were doing this and they ended up paying for it in taxes, the financial people would caterwaul. They'll end up paying much more in fees to SpaceX, happily. Fools.

So, video about the engineering of this "Starlink" thing--it doesn't sound like so bad an idea, after all. It bothers me how little people seem to care about poorer people in the third world's access to things outside of bare life needs. So, maybe a step forwards.

HOWEVER, feels like a failure that a private entity is doing this--entities invested with SOME sort of collective responsibility (preferably over all those affected) should be the ones doing these things.

Turns out YouTube supports colored subtitles via an undocumented xml format. Had to make a proof of concept Twitch chat to YT subtitle converter. Works better than expected.

The air conditioning has been non-functional for the last day and a half, so that's been... fun.

Called the landlord and they said they'd see about getting someone to go and see to it, but that was early Saturday. In Las Vegas, you'd be able to get your air conditioning fixed at 2am on Xmas Day--not-large towns in the midwest don't really operate like that...

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

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