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I've thought a little more about it, and I think I can say this without really knowing the context for what's going on:

I'm generally amenable to people's needs and requirements for comfort. So--in the unlikely event anyone actually pays any attention to what I ramble about--I'm fairly happy to oblige in whatever anyone would like of me RE: content warnings. Please do, anyone who'd like, let me know if you want various things CW'd.

Balancing profound lethargy and a belief in software freedom is difficult.

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Keybase has a thing for verifying your Github identity, but I kinda don't want to because I stand by *NONE* of the small amount of code I put up there. I kinda don't even want to go look at it; it was years ago and is doubtless the zenith of awful.

Hmm. That said, I should probably share more of what I write for myself... But, then I'd have to actually--I dunno--clean stuff up so they'd work on other computers or something. Sounds like work.

So, my best friend enthusiasm-gifted me one of those encryption fob thingies. The accumulated psychic damage of living and my general nature has always made me uncomfortable with unexpected gifts, but if there's one thing I like to honor it's benevolent gestures--so it's sent me on a mission to see what I can do with it. Which has involved a surprisingly large number of secondary tasks.

The Ace Attorney series is just a Japanese retelling of My Cousin Vinny send toot

Gus Johnson's "Steve Harvey is terrible with women":

When a guy talking to a knife seems a lot more reasonable than you, you've messed up.

Noteably, this doesn't just apply to pie-in-the-sky things like megastructures. Something to think about.

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Been watching a lot of big-idea futurism videos lately while I do other things and it's pretty wild--and a little inspiring--what we could get up to plausibly if we really wanted.

The big blocker is mainly resources. In other words, money. In other words, "we don't want to do it."

And that's the thing: a critical mass of people realizing "there's no money"--on a species-level--essentially means "we don't want to do it" may be critical to solving our species' hardest material problems.

I'd say "send help", but I suspect that I'd just get more cute cats.

Gah, I hate being allergic... Wasn't always. Occasionally write a few days off so I can enjoy petting a cat.

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My mom's been super into cat rescue/fostering videos for a couple years now and my heart can't take all these cute cats.

look, this whole outlawing encryption thing is stupid as hell 

It's just really wearing me down that we keep having to deal with this... I have to wonder if anything short of this idiocy and its consequences going through--followed by a hearty and appropriately-humiliating round of 'told you so's--are what it'll take to make it stop.

I can't say I love that idea. It'd be bad. There'd be capital-P Problems. Real harm, no exaggeration (probably).

But, oh, I'd savor those 'told you so's...

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look, this whole outlawing encryption thing is stupid as hell 

So, what do we end up with?

Weakened civil encryption in the face of continual cyberwarfare escalation. Better hope nothing important ever interacts with civilian life! (Lots do; lots always will.)

And then there's how it mostly won't hinder ne'er-do-wells after the teething period. ...Great.

Then, for the cherry on top, everyone leaves resentful and trust reaches a new low. Again. Good job!

This is so, so stupid.

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look, this whole outlawing encryption thing is stupid as hell 

MEANWHILE, it'd only help you catch the dumbest targets--who, by dint of their stupidity, traditional detective work and surveillance is likely more than adequate to dealing with.

That's leaving aside that the "targets" would inevitably--no matter the venue or country--not end up just being criminals and terrorists. Because that's just the sort of imperfect world we live in.

I bet the crims would catch on the fastest, though.

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look, this whole outlawing encryption thing is stupid as hell 

And that's leaving aside the real elephant in the room: unbreakable encryption exists! It's freely available! Convenient! Compilable and studiable! That genie just isn't going back in the bottle. And let's face it--even if you try to crack down on free software crypto all you get out of that is a political shitstorm and a rapid improvement in the convenience and techinques of steganography.

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look, this whole outlawing encryption thing is stupid as hell 

Why are we still contemplating weakening encryption? Whether a backdoor or "two front doors" or what have you--key escrow services can be attacked; keys lost and compromised. And what a juicy target a government infrastructure for legal compromise would be... It's not smart, not with the continual escalation of cyberwarfare.

does anybody have a copy of a VM with the earliest possible version of powerpoint, I have an annual corporate presentation to write

cc @SuricrasiaOnline

Huh, people talking about the Hairy Ball Theorem today.

Sure, sure--a dog's a sphere and a coffee cup is a donut. Livin' that topology life.

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