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I've thought a little more about it, and I think I can say this without really knowing the context for what's going on:

I'm generally amenable to people's needs and requirements for comfort. So--in the unlikely event anyone actually pays any attention to what I ramble about--I'm fairly happy to oblige in whatever anyone would like of me RE: content warnings. Please do, anyone who'd like, let me know if you want various things CW'd.

That is: I think people are getting pulled into billionaire fights and, in so doing, are unwittingly--well, additionally unwittingly--perpetuating the romantic image of the billionaire as someone who is actually important and not just persons with 1+ billion value tokens that will eventually, inevitably go on to be significant without them.

All that said, there's some things that I see *nearly everyone* doing that I'd like to gripe about. I sincerely hope I will start no fights:

The really common figureheading of specific billionaires bothers me for two important reasons: first, I think that buys into the "great man" theory of history too much (these guys are nobodies without their money); second, I think people are missing a whole lot of cui bono questions RE: other billionaires that stand to benefit from it in most cases.

Fundamentally, like anybody, I'd like to express myself and talk about the things I find important or interesting *without* contributing to the noise of discourse--only the signal, to the extent possible.

I imagine everyone finds this challenging, to varying extents.

Third, I suppose, would be that there's actually a lot of things to be irritable-to-incensed about at any given moment.

Fourth... well, there's lots of things that personally bother me--such as minor misrepresentations, attitudes that are just millimeters off of actually be helpful, etc.--that I just don't see any benefit to anyone to weigh in on (but which nonetheless tempt me).

I really struggle with what to post here--mainly because I really struggle with lots of things.

First, is my worry about the brevity of microblogging leading to abruptness. I have a strong urge to be flippant from time to time (I really miss being flippant), but the way other microblogging platforms have gotten are an object lesson in why that causes problems.

Second is, I'm pretty constantly struggling against depression that, among other things, makes me irritable.

I reject anyone who experiences an unpleasant thing, discovers it is wrong, then turns around and inflicts it on someone else.

@aldersprig How about nobody gets sold into a marriage but there's a lot of arranged political marriages for regional stability that go to hell because people have emotional lives and deserve happiness, so folks are going to have to just figure out how to talk through their damn problems.

The white chocolate is way too sweet, for one--so it it's like you're biting into an M&M that's all shell (only some of the shell is softer).

Also at the dollar store, a variety of well-known confections in white chocolate varities.

Yep, checks out.

I mean, I kinda like white chocolate--but, man, I tried 'em and white chocolate M&Ms are WEIRD.

Also, saw some "Peanut Butter Creme" candies in ordinary portions from a well-known brand at the dollar store. In small text on the front the package, says "contains no peanut butter".

I think I know why they've ended up at a dollar store.

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I will advise anyone who watches it that it is E D G Y, has male gaze to the point of absurdity, and does warrant a content warning or two. All, of course, to the point of ridiculous, abject stupidity. To the very point that its *mere existence* becomes a riotously funny joke.

I don't believe for a SECOND that the people making it didn't know EXACTLY what they were doing there. This farce is intentional--and I think when I laugh, I laugh with them.

The 'great man' theory of history is a frictionless, spherical cow.

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