Those specific professions will be largely automated away, after a time. I'm fine with demand for labor decreasing--I don't think any human being should HAVE to do what a computer can do for them; not unless they want to.

However, I also think that a decreased need for people to do things ought to be followed by decreased pressure to demonstrate quantifiable usefulness, lest one starve. And the disagreement over THAT, I think, is the problem.

Also, as you can expect, I became instantly less excited when it got to the financial speculation applications. Important as to how they're paying for this crap; but not anxious to empower intl. high-freq trading.

If this actually ends up doing anything for poorer people, it's still probably worth it, though.

Funny thing, if NASA were doing this and they ended up paying for it in taxes, the financial people would caterwaul. They'll end up paying much more in fees to SpaceX, happily. Fools.


So, video about the engineering of this "Starlink" thing--it doesn't sound like so bad an idea, after all. It bothers me how little people seem to care about poorer people in the third world's access to things outside of bare life needs. So, maybe a step forwards.

HOWEVER, feels like a failure that a private entity is doing this--entities invested with SOME sort of collective responsibility (preferably over all those affected) should be the ones doing these things.

Turns out YouTube supports colored subtitles via an undocumented xml format. Had to make a proof of concept Twitch chat to YT subtitle converter. Works better than expected.

reddit, fascists 

The air conditioning has been non-functional for the last day and a half, so that's been... fun.

Called the landlord and they said they'd see about getting someone to go and see to it, but that was early Saturday. In Las Vegas, you'd be able to get your air conditioning fixed at 2am on Xmas Day--not-large towns in the midwest don't really operate like that...

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

Jimquisition on what goes on in Rockstar--gets serious, I feel a CW here is probably warranted. Also: my comments. 

Advertising is the problem, the solution is ??????

That is: I think people are getting pulled into billionaire fights and, in so doing, are unwittingly--well, additionally unwittingly--perpetuating the romantic image of the billionaire as someone who is actually important and not just persons with 1+ billion value tokens that will eventually, inevitably go on to be significant without them.

All that said, there's some things that I see *nearly everyone* doing that I'd like to gripe about. I sincerely hope I will start no fights:

The really common figureheading of specific billionaires bothers me for two important reasons: first, I think that buys into the "great man" theory of history too much (these guys are nobodies without their money); second, I think people are missing a whole lot of cui bono questions RE: other billionaires that stand to benefit from it in most cases.

Fundamentally, like anybody, I'd like to express myself and talk about the things I find important or interesting *without* contributing to the noise of discourse--only the signal, to the extent possible.

I imagine everyone finds this challenging, to varying extents.

Third, I suppose, would be that there's actually a lot of things to be irritable-to-incensed about at any given moment.

Fourth... well, there's lots of things that personally bother me--such as minor misrepresentations, attitudes that are just millimeters off of actually be helpful, etc.--that I just don't see any benefit to anyone to weigh in on (but which nonetheless tempt me).

I really struggle with what to post here--mainly because I really struggle with lots of things.

First, is my worry about the brevity of microblogging leading to abruptness. I have a strong urge to be flippant from time to time (I really miss being flippant), but the way other microblogging platforms have gotten are an object lesson in why that causes problems.

Second is, I'm pretty constantly struggling against depression that, among other things, makes me irritable.

I reject anyone who experiences an unpleasant thing, discovers it is wrong, then turns around and inflicts it on someone else.

Also: that's how things shook out with the Habsburgs, kinda, after all--it sure didn't prevent WWI.

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