The arcade release of Pong is closer in history to the end of the Spanish Civil War than it is to today.

climate, Greta Thunberg 



Just a reminder:

SNK + House House partnership for Goose Howard Untitled Goose Game DLC when?

Watching a video podcast, doctor fellow on it, points out that the many variables and wide interpretations of medicine make the takeover of the field by AI unlikely in the near term ("anytime soon").

Not wholly wrong, but missing things. Present techniques surprisingly good at things like that; and continually being refined. More importantly: replacement not necessary to have significant effect--tool productivity boost to human work is fully sufficient. ++Productivity = --workers, usually.


Either would be big. I wish you luck.

Also: why not fanfic on the Paizo one? Are they less friendly to that? Or the Wizards connection (competitors)? 'Cause Magic fanfic seems *even more* relevant, if anything, there--what with the especially vigorous, continuous horizontal gene transfer between written fiction and TRPGs.

Also, phone thinks "TRPGs" should be "FROGs".

@Canageek Figuring new things out about yourself is a congratulations-worthy thing to me.

In myriad ways, we're always figuring ourselves out all our lives.

Fire Emblem 3 Houses. 

Steam controller + the PC rerelease on Steam may suffice. You could use the Steam controller trackpads in a way that emulates thumb trackballs with a little of configuration (if the default config doesn't already).

I think I'm experiencing a netsplit or something--a bunch of random things are down.

Either that or my DNS is fucked up again.

@uint8_t Not that I even know what this is all in reference to... hope everything's alright.

@uint8_t Also: one wrong thing doesn't usually merit a cancel--cancelling is, arguably, only appropriate for dumpster fires and lost causes. You lose all influence over someone you drop--and change doesn't happen when we get rid of everyone bad, it's when we bring a critical mass of ourselves to where we all need to be.

Also, you're the most technical person I follow. I want that in my feed.

Cyberpunk2077, removal of binary gender 

If you want to know if someone is the type to have fucked up opinions on people, ask 'em how they feel about fat people.

Fat people are the evergreen canary on fucked up people-opinions--people feel particularly safe sharing those particular opinions, and I just don't see that changing any time soon (despite efforts to the contrary).

@Alexis Apologies for the tl;dr/reply flood--but I looked a little too closely at this days ago and it *still* bugs me.

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