Next time, just for fun, peeps should dress up as lawyers when they go marching. Lets see how cops touch them then.

MP for East Delhi, Gautam Gambhir, decided to skip a high-level meeting on pollution for a more important engagement with pohas and jalebis. 25 other MPs also skipped it. Only 4 turned up, out of which 3 are non-BJP MPs.

But let's blame Kejriwal for not doing anything.


What a week for justice for the !

The International Criminal Court has allowed chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, to go ahead with a full-scale investigation into the abuses and crimes against humanity committed by the military against the Rohingya. Although the case is routed through (since Myanmar is not an member), this is a big step towards ending the impunity of perpetrators.

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@suhrith and I wrote a piece on the Ayodhya judgment.

We asked if the judgment is legally correct; and if isn't, whether it is nonetheless justified as an act of "judicial statesmanship" that lets the country move on.

We believe that the answer to both those questions is "no".

"The revised fee will make JNU more expensive than even Delhi University, currently at the top of the table with an annual fee of Rs 40,000- Rs 55,000, including food and accommodation."

This - the brutal assault on quality public education - is what you should outrage over, not a few slogans someone wrote on the pedestal of a random, unopened statue.

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.@evoespueblo: the woman who is trying to assume power is a racist and she did not follow the constitution. Because first of all the congress had to approve my resignation, and that hasn't happen." #LIVE 

Remember that dubious -based think tank, WESTT, that arranged the visit of 27 far-right MEPs to ?

Turns out there's a bigger network of fake news agencies & lobbying organisations peddling spurious "Indian interests" in and the . They are basically lobbying for the govt by spreading disinformation.

Read this report by EU DisinfoLab, an funded project, who has done in-depth OSINT investigations into this.
Birdsite: @DisinfoEU

I had written this last year. Although in specific context of public versus private schools, some of the thoughts might be relevant to the middle/upper class privilege currenly on naked display against marginalised students.

Why isn't "Boomer Studies" a social sciences course yet?

Disappointing change of stance by on . By giving into Indian/Hindu nationalists, that party is setting a terrible precedent. Really hope they revise it asap and take a strong moral position.

Can you imagine building an exclusive road for to come to ? Least of all to visit an Islamic shrine? I can't.

Screw the geopolitics/realism of the whole . The very fact that managed to get this done for the sake of pilgrims is a big win.

I would like to see these loudmouths mocking the protesting students face a whole contingent of riot police armed with batons, tear gas rifles and water canon trucks just ONCE in their lifetime. Bet half of them would wet their pants and flee.

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