@juveriasiff I get what you are saying. But I think individuals can not counter the rhetoric, not well atleast, without institutions doing their part. We can't just continue to react to RW narratives because even our engagements help them in reaching masses. Real victory is in denying them the platform to spew their vile bs and not fighting it on daily basis (which is imp too).This is a way of putting pressure on Twitter to do their part by hitting them where it hurts the most - their revenue.

@juveriasiff I don't think fighting keyboard wars with RW will get us anywhere. Leaving twitter, or any other platform for that matter, is a fight against those platforms and how they have failed to moderate extreme RW rhetoric in the name of free speech, and not RW per se.

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260 acres of prime leopard habitat in the Aravallis, in Sohna's Mandawar village, sold by the gram panchayat to CISF for setting up a paramilitary camp. Work on site began this week without prior consent of the ministry of environment, blatantly violating the region's environmental protections under the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. I report.

This will take some serious getting used to. My name is Aniruddha and I was kinda sorta you know, most definitely a Twitter addict. It took me some time to curate my TL and I LOVED IT. I don't think it's a direct replacement, nor does it have to be, but I am glad a lot of people who I followed on there are here as well. Makes it easier. Baki dheere dheere samajh aa hi jana hai ye bhi.


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