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Twitter must
1. Restore accounts of @sanjayuvacha, @ladkidyutiful and others. Today someone's account got locked because he politely requested his followers to donate to !
2. Restore the deleted tweets on Kashmir.
3. Stop censoring liberal and progressive voices.
4. Take strict action on online abuse and threats.
5. Sack Twitter India chief and other senior staff.

Looking forward to @sanjayuvacha's legal and Dilip Mandal's online campaign against Twitter.

Prof Niraja Gopal Jayal, one of India's foremost scholar of citizenship, on :

"I think it’s the biggest threat to India’s self-definition as a nation—the definition that India adopted at independence, which was informed by the values of the movement for freedom from British rule and embodied in the Indian constitution. I think that vision of India, as a secular, inclusive, plural, multicultural democracy, is certainly under threat more than at any previous time."

Never believed in such binaries but here it goes: Either you are with the BJP/RSS or with the country. Your silence makes you a Nazi. Don't give me this bullshit about damaging public property or stone pelting. Period.

Really like the prominent coverage legacy media is giving to one of the biggest stories of the decade. People be careful about what you read. They are much more than scrap that you sell every other month.

In case you missed it,
@nit_set's story is here:

Future generation of journalism students will surely learn, and take inspiration, from the work of @nit_set, @Kumar_Sambhav, Niranjan Takle and handful others.

Former BBC producer Qurban Ali, who broke the news of the was the demolition of the 450-year old historic Masjid to the world on the evening of Dec. 6, 1992, shares what transpired that day and how he, and Mark Tully, saved their lives.

One of my regrets will be to not interview . Had approached him multiple times for an interview in March, May and then August on recent elections only to be denied by his caretaker. Once he picked up the call in August but couldn't speak for long.

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RIP sir. Thank you for cleaning up the election procedure. Wish your successors had half as much spine as yours. You were sorely missed in the last few General and assembly elections.

Feels so let down by a Delhi-based video editor, whom I had recommended for an editing work to some friends. This guy has made life hell for the work which wasn't more than four days. It has already been over two months now. Wish there is a directory of bad freelancers.

Dr Syeda Hameed's moving piece on : Muslims should clearly, politely & unequivocally refuse the offer of five acres of land in Ayodhya. Then they should say to the powers that be: “Since you have in one voice given the judgment that the demolition and placement of idols was illegal then don’t give us substitutes like pieces of land; we reject such offers. In the spirit of your judgment, just
give us one assurance that this will never happen again.”

Shocking news about the passing away of Ramakant Gundecha ji. Can't believe it. Had always liked the Gundecha brothers for their voice and experimentation like singing Kabir. They also collaborated with Chandralekha on her last choreography Sharira.

A govt was so unhappy about a journalist/writer's criticism in international press that it took unbelievably strong action to quell it and send a message to others.
Ankur Bharadwaj was talking about Jamal Khashoggi. What were you thinking?

Am so happy people who left twitter due to toxicity or being suspended are coming back here! Guys remember the rules explicitly forbid sexism and I will report generously if you are sexist here! This is our women’s safe space too !

Really like that all my favorite people are joining Mastodon. 🙂

संविधान की सुनिए।
११ नवंबर, शाम ४:३० बजे
पटना कॉलेज सेमिनार हॉल

अगर पटना में है तो ज़रूर अाइएगा।

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