I love Mastodon’s “Describe for the visually impaired” feature for images.

I don’t know if the web client does this, but Tusky prompts you if you forget a description. The result is that all pictures I’ve seen here, bar just three in the one day I’ve been here after my Mastodon hiatus, have a neat description of their contents.

I’m not even visually impaired. Yet. It just feels good to know that this content will be accessible to me if I live long enough for my eyesight to become a problem.

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@ankitpati I'm afraid not all clients allow us to use that feature yet. Like @tootleapp: if it lets us, have yet to locate how.

@aeveltstra The web client lets you do that. It just doesn’t prompt if you forget. I just verified this behaviour in the browser.

@ankitpati @aeveltstra depends on the web client! Mastodon's default doesn't.

glitch-soc does prompt you.

Not sure about Pleroma FE :blobthinking:

@polychrome @ankitpati @aeveltstra Pleroma FE (at least as of 1.1.6) doesn’t even support setting alt tags other than just using the filename of the image…

(However, if you use a Mastodon API client and set an alt tag from it, that works, and Pleroma ships with a fork of glitch-soc’s FE (as MastoFE).)

@bhtooefr @aeveltstra @ankitpati alt tags are a blessed thing that should be definitely implemented in Pleroma :blobuwu:

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