Squid Game 

Elon Musk finishes watching Squid Game, turns off the television and sits in silence for a moment

"That was so powerful," he says

"Yes sir," replies his servant

"It's a great commentary on how fucked up the world is"

"Yes sir"

"Life is terrible for both the destitute and the ultra-wealthy"

"Yes sir"

"Perhaps the wealthy even more so"


Musk picks up his phone and makes a phone call

"Yes hello, I need to buy an island, I just had an idea"

The servant perspires, anxiously

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Hey, guys. What do you think about Peter Kropotkin?

Попробовал Openbox (MaboxLinux) - это великолепно.)

I've tried Openbox (MaboxLinux) - that's awesome.)

Non a Facebook! No to Facebook ! Faisons une grève de #Facebook let’s do a Facebook #strike
Only disappointed this doesn’t include #messenger platform

Why do you like to use colors in Bullet Journals?

Do you do #bulletjounaling?
How do you use it?
What have you tried?
What works well for you? What not?

#bujo #bulletjournal

Continuing on the theme of puzzle games, Labyrinth is a #Minetest game where you escape from a procedurally-generated maze


Second and third panel for the next Pepper&Carrot episode: Pepper's plan wasn't really effective.
#krita #webcomic #wip #ccby

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